Everyone needs a helping hand. Our mission is simple: Helping you succeed.

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We are Eddie and Bola. Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers and Coaches.

We have set up Mentoring Platform to serve others with our experiences, skills and knowledge. As Entrepreneurs and Coaches, we are committed to helping you grow your business, help you earn more and help you grow as the leader you are called to be.

Sometimes, we need someone with us on the journey to success. we don’t want you to make the mistakes we have made, so leverage our knowledge. Our mission is simple – to help you succeed.

No matter where you are in your journey – from “newbie” to guru, we can help.

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What Mentoring Means

Mentoring is a protected relationship in which learning and experimentation can occur, potential skills can be developed, and in which results can be measured in terms of competencies gained”. – Audrey Collin

Mentoring is “A mutual relationship with an intentional agenda designed to convey specific content along with life wisdom from one individual to another. Mentoring does not happen by accident, nor do its benefits come quickly. It is relationally based, but it is more than a good friendship…mentoring is not two people who just spend time together sharing”. – Thomas Addington and Stephen Graves


Mentoring is a supportive learning relationship between a caring individual who shares knowledge, experience and wisdom with another individual who is ready and willing to benefit from this exchange, to enrich their professional journey”. – Suzanne Faure


Mentoring is an important adult relationship since it creates a legitimate and special space where people can take chances by trying to be authentic about, and find meaning within their real-life professional experience”. – D Doyon


The purpose of mentoring is always to help the mentee to change something – to improve their performance, to develop their leadership qualities, to develop their partnership skills, to realise their vision, or whatever. This movement from where they are, (‘here’), to where they want to be (‘there’). – Mike Turner


Mentoring involves primarily listening with empathy, sharing experience (usually mutually), professional friendship, developing insight through reflection, being a sounding board, encouraging” – David Clutterbuck

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