I just want to share with you that I have just spent almost an hour being coached by Eddie Iduoze. He walked me, step by baby step, through the first 5 things that I need to have in place as a strong foundation for my business. He was so patient and shared from his heart what he knows with me, just because he could. Thank you so much Eddie, here's to a long and prosperous friendship.

Coach Eddie introduced me to the world of online business/marketing. Before it I did not make a dime online. Now I am gradually building multiple streams of income online!! If you are looking to ignite your business, Coach Eddie is your ticket! Thank you Coach Eddie!


I am forever grateful for the coaching and training from Eddie. My business has been stagnant for a long time as my sponsor lives up north and is not good with IT technology for trainings. I have been like an orphan on my own down south. About a year ago, I met Eddie at a business presentation and asked for their help. Although I am not in their team, they kindly took me under their wings. With their regular webinar trainings and constant inspirational messages within their support group, I have been able to regain my confidence to restart again. So much so, I am now having a small ambitious and enthusiastic team.

Firstly we would like to thank Eddie for all their support in starting and developing our business. This is particularly close to our hearts as it is a business my husband and I run together and will be passed on to future generations. We have been coached and mentored all the way through the business process. The hand holding goes beyond what you can pay for and as a result it has resulted in the beginnings of a successful business with strong core foundations to expand even further. We have been taught key business principles and skills. We have also developed our personal skill sets even further. All the coaching and training has had a huge impact and is something that we will use for life. Thank you for your keen interest in helping and developing people.

Shevonne & Gavin

I graduated from university with very huge career aspirations but I had no clue how to go about achieving any of these until I met Eddie. He helped me in setting goals that will guide me along the path I desired for myself, and also constantly giving me advice and direction all through. I'm currently working as an IT consultant in financial services, which has always been my dream, and loving every bit of it. Thanks to Eddie for being such a great mentor and for all the invaluable lessons and advice he constantly shares from his own experience.

I have been propelled to achieve a lot of things that were only in my imaginations through my encounter and continuous mentoring of Coach Eddie. I have been taught that the word "impossible" means I'm possible, which has helped me to set targets and goals that are bigger than my physical ability because Eddie has taught me that it's the little daily activity that I do consistently over a period of time that leads to success. I am grateful for the impact he has made in my life.