Taking Action In Your Life

Nike the sports brand has a very eye catching yet important slogan which is, Just Do It

We all know the slogan but do not all automatically do anything. Life is full of people we celebrate and success stories, but no one ever becomes known without starting what they have dreamt, planned or thought of.

How To Unleash Your Inner Greatness

Action is the key word that makes our dreams become reality. Our creativity becomes celebrated when we take action.

Many people do not start out on their thoughts and ideas because they are afraid they haven’t perfected the idea, so they stay planning and never get to execute their ideas; whereas others do not execute theirs because they are afraid the plan will fail and not get accepted.

Whatever the limitations are, the objective is to ensure you do not get to carry out your ideas which in turn means, you never getting celebrated for your achievements.

You can never achieve without taking action. You can start and adjust along the way, but you’ve got to start and do something about your ideas and thoughts.

Never forget that if you do not take action, you will loose the opportunity and someone else will end up producing the same thing; they may not even do it as well as you would have done it or better –that is irrelevant. The key to achievement is in the doing of the necessary things that will get your plans from your mind to reality.

In agreement with NIKE, if you have any ideas, plans or dreams; we will say, Just Do It!


How Can I Be Accountable?

Many people ask this same question and it is a very necessary if you have goals to achieve in life.
The need to be accountable is much more crucial these days as a lot of things compete for our attention and time. To be effective we need to set goals and guard them with a few other useful things. One of which is accountability.


Accountability is said to be an obligation individuals set upon themselves to account for their activities to another party. This therefore means that to be accountable, you will need to have goals, a mentor or person to be accountable to and also a set of activities to be accountable for.

It is important to note that your dream will not just happen because you have them but you will need to put activities in place; steps to take with set timelines for the achievement of the goals. However after that comes a mentor or someone you can rely on to hold you accountable for your goals. The work of a mentor or accountability partner is to hold you accountable to the timeline you’ve set yourself to achieve the goals and to help ensure you get the set of activities done at the time you set to do them.

Be aware that the accountability partner or mentor cannot force you to take action or otherwise, but can only prompt you based on the goals and activities you set yourself. The person is also not responsible for you doing the tasks at the set time. They are not there to do the work or to nag you and if you give them excuses, they are not there to counter your excuse. I will therefore advise you to be careful who you choose and your approach to them.

How To Unleash Your Inner Greatness

Lastly, in choosing whom you will be accountable to, I will say you should look out for someone whom you like, respect and feel comfortable around. Do not go for someone who does not have enough time and interest in you. The more interested the accountability partner or mentor is in you, the more time and effort they will give into helping to ensure you stay on track.