No, Was The Best

Eddie and I went watching a movie earlier on this week and I learnt so much from this movie. I will share one part of the movie and a lesson with you without spoiling the movie itself. I’ll also tell you which movie it is after the write up (if you haven’t worked it out for yourself– you will find out!)

In the movie, two siblings from a family with keen interest in boxing decided they needed to take their passion to the next level. They recorded themselves in action and sent it to the USA. After much attempt trying to get interest in their work, they got the call they had been waiting for. They were given a chance to display their passion and skills. After trials, one got a YES and the other got a NO.

They were both devastated, more so the one with the NO answer. They both kept trying to get the coach to change his mind. That however did not happen and one day after much barging the coach gave a narrative on the life that could have opened to the brother if he had been taken on. He recounted a life of trying so hard, wasting a lot of time and resources, being taken away from the people that you add value to and add value to you, with the result of getting dumped along the way. Life ending in loss of friends, family, dreams, community and even the success being chased would become a thing of the past. It was a grim picture, but it became clear later that that was what happened to the coach. 

As I looked at this story, I wondered how many of us cry and moan over doors we expect or want opened and would have forced to get open if we had our way. We never think of the end of the road, but are more inclined to want a YES no matter what. God has made us aware of the fact that He has the full picture of our lives in His hands and because He sees the end game earlier; He will never allow us to go through some doors.

His word (one of my favourite) says;

‘And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.’ Romans 8:28

If only you can see the end of the road, you will realise how great a NO is whenever it comes your way. Please remember that NO isn’t such a bad word  – actually it could just be for the best; if you pay attention to what God is doing in your life and co-operate with Him.

Your plan for your life can never be as great as the one He has for you so take time to find out His mind for you and co-operate with Him because He has got your best interest at heart.

BTW: the movie is Fighting with My Family

God is on your side



He Shows Up On Time!

One of the first lessons I learnt about God is His ability to show up just when He is needed, He is never late, and He never fails. Last Sunday, our church music team sang a special song that reflected that, and I absolutely loved it; so much so, I’ve learnt the lyrics! I’ll tell you the song at the end of this write up… but back to my story today and lessons learnt.

One of my uncles was very fond of making promises. He had great intentions but never factored in all that could possibly not allow the promise to materialize; so, without wanting to, he constantly disappointed and my funny siblings tagged him ‘Uncle disappoint’. I wanted to contrast that with my dad who always made sure he followed through on any word or promise he gives to whoever he gives it. He would say it and you’d see him pull all the stops to achieve whatever he promises us, his children, neighbours, church members, family or friends. I have seen my dad do this all my life, and it genuinely set my expectation of God as the one who always shows up on time.

Once while I was at University, which was about a three hour travel from my home-base, my dad told me he was going to visit me on a certain week and I remember informing as many as would listen. My dad doesn’t just visit, he brings gifts from home and he doesn’t give only myself, but all my roommates and friends. So, dad coming means everyone gets a gift of value – as at that time.

We didn’t have access to phones as we do now: so, the only thing we could do was wait. We surely waited, and as the week progressed, some of my friends started saying, maybe he has changed his mind. To which I said, I was very certain he didn’t, as he has promised me, he would show up. Well, Friday came and no dad – now every one of my mates were certain he wouldn’t show and some even went away for the weekend by 12noon, others left the campus for shopping etc. Knowing what I knew of my dad, I stayed put and waited in my room. No chore was strong enough to distract me.

At about 4pm on that Friday, a very unlikely time to visit the town I was, due to heavy traffic and the level of discomfort that will be experienced to return to my home-base; my dad showed up! I remember grinning all over the place saying to anyone that cared to listen; I knew he would show up because he never fails!

This week, I remembered that story again as God showed up big time for one of our spiritual family members. And that reminded me of one of my favorite scripture that says:

‘Not one word of all the good promises that the Lord has made to the house of Israel had failed. All came to pass!’ Joshua 21:45

Our God never fails, and He will never fail you. Please wait for Him, because He will show up for you just on time; not necessarily your timing; but His time and on time.

God is on your side!

PS : my favorite song of the week is, ‘Never Fail’ by Anthony Evans


I Was Informed!

Earlier on this week we went to the cinema. As we were going into the movie theatre, one of our spiritual daughters who had seen it told us to wait for two additional clips that will come up at the end of the movie. The instruction didn’t make sense, but we took it in.

After the movie, as expected, several people in the theatre started making their way out. And I nudged Eddie to remind him of what our daughter said. We would have been just like the people who left if not for the inside information we had from our daughter. We and a few more people in the room stayed back and watched the clip that would be the prelude and introduction to the next one that will be released with regards to the series.

After that, even though this daughter of ours told us that there will be a second clip; we had to wait for a while, and I was quite restless and was just about to give up on waiting for the other clip. When we eventually got there, I was glad I did, and it made a lot of sense. I learnt two lessons from this movie incident.

Firstly, the insider information made us expect something and wait for it after others that do not have the same privilege of knowledge had stepped out of the hall. I believe that if asked where the movie ended, the ones that left earlier will say differently from what the rest of us that stayed did. Even though we paid the same amount to go in (oh! Ours was a gift though), we had varying levels of expectations and knowledge.

Secondly, I learnt a lesson with my level of impatience after the first clip as there was a huge amount of time and interlude between the first and second extra clip. I remember asking my husband if we heard correctly that there were two additional clips, I also remember saying; ‘am sure it wouldn’t matter that we are not able to wait to see the additional clip;’ thank God for Eddie who made us wait as he said; ‘well, we have been told by someone there is more, so why can’t we wait.’ The incident made me understand more than before the value of an informant as well as the value of patience in achieving or experiencing some things in life

The above incident reminded me of the insider informant we have as Christians; check out this scripture:

‘However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”- the things God has prepared for those who love him- these are the things God has revealed to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. For who knows a person’s thoughts except their own spirit within them? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. What we have received is not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understand what God has freely given us.’ 1 Corth 2:9-12 

In Christianity, we have an insider in the Holy Spirit who knows the mind of the father and tells as well as teaches us all things – what a privilege we have as believers. 

However, to enjoy the fullness of the benefit the Holy Spirit has got for us, we must build a relationship with Him, listen to Him when He speaks to us and develop enough patience to wait for Him as well. We can enjoy life if we listen more to Him and wait for Him always.

God is on your side! 

PS: The movie is Captain Marvel


Are You Happy?


Earlier on this week, Andy Murray, the tennis player gave an interview where he mentioned that he doesn’t need trophies to make him happy anymore. This interview, which came on the back of his decision to retire due to injuries, showed that his happiness prior to now depended on getting trophies. This got me thinking of the issue of happiness. So I asked myself and will also want to ask you this simple but big question. ‘Are you happy?’

I am one of six children, five of us being girls with one brother. My parents weren’t people you’d call rich, they had their fair share of challenges as parents of six, but my home was always buzzing and my siblings found something to laugh about no matter how little. So I took the issue of happiness and laugher as a norm.

Over the course of my career and travels however, I have come to realise that happiness seems elusive to many. The culture of being happy no matter what which I grew up with and still practise to date seems unusual to most. I thought about one of my sisters who has gone through so many challenging situations but never lost her joy and ability to laugh despite the challenges. I had to ask her how she maintains this happy demeanour and she said to me, ‘being unhappy wouldn’t change anything, so I might as well just laugh because the bible made it clear that laughter is good for you.’

Her statement reminded me of the scripture that says;

‘A merry heart does good, like medicine’. Proverbs 17:22

Being happy and having a cheerful countenance is a choice, one that can be made even in the most difficult of situations and locations. Joseph was a prisoner in Egypt, but the bible made it clear that his countenance was cheerful and the same went for Daniel who was a refugee, but his countenance was equally different from that of others.

You too can be happy and that does not mean that life will not come with its own challenges, but you radiating happiness is a choice you can make and live by always. I actually believe that solutions come when we are happier.

I therefore today wish you a very happy day and week. Make the choice of being happy irrespective of your situation because God is on your side!

PS:  To test your happiness level; you can do a quick Happiness Test here..