Do Not Be Discouraged


I read the story of a famous actor and director earlier this week which inspired me and I thought to share it with you. I never knew the background of the gentleman Tyler Perry. Read along with me, it makes for a very encouraging read. (His movies are in the link below) 

Tyler Perry is an American actor, playwright, filmmaker, and comedian. In 2011, Forbes listed him as the highest paid man in entertainment, earning $130 million between May 2010 and May 2011. Perry is estimated to have earned around US$75 million by 2008. Many of Perry’s stage-play films have been subsequently adapted as films. Despite all these successes, Perry had a tough start to life and not giving up led him to the success we know of him today. 

Perry was physically and sexually abused growing up, he got kicked out of high school, and tried to commit suicide twice—once as a preteen and again at 22. At 23 he moved to Atlanta and took up odd jobs as he started working on his stage career.

In 1992 he wrote, produced, and starred in his first theater production, I Know I’ve Been Changed, somewhat informed by his difficult upbringing. Perry put all his savings into the show and it failed miserably; the run lasted just one weekend and only 30 people came to watch. He kept up with the production, working more odd jobs and often slept in his car to get by. 

Six years later, Perry finally broke through when, on its seventh run, the show became a success. He’s since gone on to have an extremely successful career as a director, writer, and actor as shown above. There is no way that anyone would have projected Perry’s future based on his childhood and earlier struggles. Him not giving up, despite the obstacles is the key to his unlocking the future we now know.

As I read Perry’s story, I remembered God’s word that says 

‘Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’ Joshua 1:9

Fear and discouragement are natural when one has experienced failure and setbacks or when going into unknown territories. God however gives us a word of instruction and promise that He will be with us and He will help us despite those setbacks.

What if Tyler Perry had stopped trying when he failed in the world of filmmaking and acting? He wouldn’t have attained what he got from persisting and neither would we have the benefit of enjoying his productions – which I have personally found both entertaining, inspiring and educative.

Wherever you are at the moment, I will like you to know that tomorrow will be better than today and our God will surely make room for you. You will be celebrated soon in Jesus name.

God is on your side! 


My favourite Tyler Perry’s movies…all where he appeared as Madea! Read more about Tyler Perry and his work at


The Unexpected Helper!

Like many others, I was shocked and pleasantly surprised when I heard in the news the action of an American billionaire inventor and philanthropist – Mr Robert Smith. Mr smith just gave a dream graduation gift to 400 graduates. (Check out the impact of the gifts on individuals at the end of the blog post) 

During his speech to the mostly black male College in Atlanta, Mr Smith stunned the class of 2019 with his pledge to give them a helping hand to start out their lives as new graduates. He decided to wipe out their debt, thought to be worth up to $40m (£31m); an average of $100000 per student!

So who is Mr Smith and why did he carry out such a great act of giving. Mr Smith is the founder of the private equity firm Vista Equity Partners and one of the most prominent African-American philanthropists. Mr Smith’s net worth is estimated to be around $5bn – making him the wealthiest black American, ahead of Oprah Winfrey.

He grew up in a primarily black neighbourhood in Denver, Colorado, the son of two school principals with doctorate degrees in education. When he was a high school student, Mr Smith applied for an internship at scientific development company Bell Labs, but was told he was too young. That news was not enough to deter him from pursuing his dream, as he reportedly proceeded to call the company every week for five months until he was accepted.

Mr Smith went on to study chemical engineering and later received his MBA from Columbia University. He then took a job at Goldman Sachs, where he began working with technology companies Apple and Microsoft, among others.

In 2000, he left Goldman Sachs to found Vista, and he remains the company’s chief executive. He has spoken about dealing with racism in the cliquey industry of investment and felt pressured to work twice as hard as his peers because of his race. As a result, he has a keen interest to help others achieve their dreams. Mr Smiths announcement came as a massive surprise to the students. Their whole students loan written off! No one could ever have prepared for or imagined this great help just before it happened.

That morning, Mr Smith who would have decided the gift he’s giving, come with good news, whereas some of the students though excited about graduation wouldn’t even have known that there was help at hand. That was something that had never happened before, but someone was coming to deliver the greatest helping hand to the students who may have been disadvantaged due to their colour, background and many more reasons.

As I thought of this gentleman and his help to the students, it gave me an opportunity to reflect on how God sends His help to us even when we do not expect it. He is a helper of many who cannot help themselves. One of my current favourite bible verse says

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

I don’t know what is giving you concern at the moment, but I can assure you that God is able to raise a stranger like Mr Smith who will surprise you with good news as God sets in to help you in your time of need.

Never forget, our God is on your side!


PS : check out the impact of the payment on some of the students


Be Kind


There is a McDonald’s advert that I really like and have learnt a thing or two from, I thought to share it with you today. Not that I am advocating for McDonald’s, but I have seen the advert and have reflected a few times on how the situation could have potentially had a different outcome if things were different (the link to the 30 sec advert is at the end of this blog post)

The advert is set up to showcase McDonald’s breakfast range. In it a gentleman who was on his way to an interview, he ran into a lady just as he was about to queue for his purchase, but kindly gave her a chance to go ahead of him and place her order. She didn’t give much attention to him as she was on her phone. The orders were placed and each of them went their separate ways.

The next scene of this advert showed the young man in the waiting area alongside others waiting nervously to be called in for his interview. He then got called in – only to see the lady whom he was kind to earlier and she was his interviewer. She remembered him and so did he her. His act of kindness gave him an opportunity to stand out.

One of the thoughts that has crossed my mind after watching this advert is that a negative attitude at that time of the day wouldn’t have been uncommon. What if the gentleman had had a bad attitude because it was the first thing in the morning and he hadn’t had breakfast, coffee etc. What if his excuse was, ‘Well; I am within my right to get in line’. What would potentially have happened to him?

A good attitude, no matter where and to whom, will always outweigh many things that can be obstacles. When you are kind and exhibit a great attitude, you will never lack help. Kindness is even better when shown to people who can never pay us back – that is showing kindness without any direct benefits; now, that is a great act that we need to learn to practise daily. 

This is not just a recommendation from me but from God as well; God’s word says;

 ‘Since you have been chosen by God who has given you this new kind of life, and because of his deep love and concern for you, you should practice tender-hearted mercy and kindness to others. Don’t worry about making a good impression on them but be ready to suffer quietly and patiently.’ Colossians 3:12 (The Living Bible Version)

Be kind, it pays. Even if man will not reward you, God will. I can give you numerous examples of how kindness has spoken for me or the people around me; but that will be another story for another day…. but for today, sow seeds of kindness because it pays!

God is on your side!


PS: the advert is here


You Will Win!


If you are a regular reader of my blog posts, you would have known by now that I am a football fan and that I learn lessons from happenings around me. This week saw some outstanding occurrences on the football field of which I am keen to share one of the stories with you. (You will still enjoy and learn from this write up, even if you don’t like football)

The champions league semi finals had Liverpool Football Club drawn against Barcelona. Barcelona is deemed one of the best clubs in the world, particularly as it has a remarkable player Lionel Messi as one of their star players. True to form, when the first game was played, Messi didn’t disappoint. It looked like a game of Liverpool v Messi, because this gentleman orchestrated the three goals in the game and it was said by quite a few press organisations that Liverpool’s champion league hope was over. The second leg of the match was this week and   to qualify, Liverpool was going to need to score 4 goals and Barcelona none. In all honesty, that seemed naturally impossible.

The Liverpool manager Mr Klopp, in his after game interview, mentioned that he told his boys before the game that he doesn’t think it is possible to win, but just because it is them, they had a chance. That said, loads of things were against them; from the absence of their best players to injuries and mishaps on the field. Despite all of that and the massive goal deficit against a great team that is revered in the world, Liverpool came from behind to win by 4 goals! That is a lot of goals at that level – but it happened.

Many people said it was down to the hunger of the players, others said it was the incredible leadership of the manager and many more speculations; but the main thing is that this unlikely club came from behind, a place of huge disadvantage to win and get into the final of the champions league 2019.

Liverpool’s success got me thinking of you and I as believers, who have a God who has got our back, believes in us, despite how we see ourselves and has given us innumerable promises of His help and assistance in seeing that we win irrespective of the disadvantages and challenges that may come our way.

One of such promises by God which we can always hold on to is Isaiah 41:13 which says;

“For I hold you by your right hand – I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, ‘Do not be afraid. I am here to help you” Isaiah 41:13

For the things in your life that seem impossible, where men have written you off, all you need is the help of God. He has promised it and can surely deliver on His promise to you. Do not be afraid, He is here to help you and you will win!

Liverpool’s win was a surprise to the manager who was speechless and close to tears at the press conference. Some of the players, fans and even opponents were lost for words at this unexpected result. That will surely be your experience too.

Never allow your circumstances intimidate you, you will win with God’s help – so stay close to Him and follow His full instructions.

God is on your side!


Here’s a song for you for the message

You will win – Jekalyn Carr


Not Worth It!


One of the most heart breaking stories I’ve read recently is that of a UK labour Member of Parliament who through a series of choices, actions and words found herself in a very embarrassing situation that has ruined her political and legal career.

The labour MP, Fiona Onasanya, was accused of colluding with her brother to avoid having three points added to her driver’s licence by claiming that a former lodger had been driving her Nissan Micra when it was found travelling at 41mph in a 30mph zone. The police however established the former lodger was in Russia at the time of the offence. When Fiona Onasanya was finally interviewed by police, she refused to say who was driving.

The court heard that part of the investigation examined mobile phone site evidence. It showed both of Ms Onasanya’s mobile phones connecting with masts in the area close to the traffic camera at the time it was triggered. Her case became increasingly difficult to sustain when, during the first trial, her former head of communications Christian DeFeo came forward to tell the police the MP had been at his home near the speed camera, on the night it was activated. Ms Onasanya however claimed in court she did not know who was driving the car and that she had never asked her brother about the incident. During the second trial, she said she must have been a passenger in the car, which was being driven by her brother.

The sad development of this situation is very upsetting as I personally find it difficult to understand why admitting the offence of over speeding which would just have attracted 3-points on a driver’s license would be less attractive than lying and jeopardising both a bright legal and political career.

Without speaking to the lady involved, I wouldn’t want to judge but couldn’t but learn a lesson or two from the incidences and choices made along the way by this young lady. The word of God makes it clear that there are things to do to see good. Read with me;

“Who is the man who desires life and loves length of days that he may see good? Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit.” Psalm 34:12-13

When we deliberately keep our tongue from evil and choose not to allow our lips speak lies, we position ourselves to live a good life that yields length of days in the good place God has put us in.

Fiona MP had a huge prospect as a young parliamentarian, that has now been ruined. Her wrong action with an inconsequential incident has created a life-changing consequence for her.

I pray that we will not lose the opportunities God brings our way and that we will not embarrass ourselves or our God wherever God places us. As much as you have within you, say the truth always.

God is on your side!