Earlier on this week, I noticed a long queue in front of a shop in Bluewater shopping mall that was quite unusual. I got thinking and couldn’t work out why people would be standing in a very long queue from both sides of the entrance to one shop. I personally concluded that maybe there was a security issue and people were directed outside the shop. I looked as we got closer and realised that there also were people inside the shop. My curiosity got the better of me and I walked up to one of the people wearing the shop uniform to find out what was going on – I wondered if I had missed something in the news. It was an Apple shop!

As I got to the attendant, I asked the gentleman what was going on, to which he responded; ‘the wait is almost over’. He believed that would mean something to me, but it surely didn’t as I wasn’t waiting for anything the shop had to offer. I pressed him for further information and he said another ‘iPhone will be released within the hour and all the people that want to get their hands on it first are the ones queueing up in front of the shop.’ I was surprised! I asked if they were going to get it for free – to which he smirked and said –‘ even I a staff member don’t get it for free!’ Then I asked if it was going to be recalled right after the release – he said no; people just want to be the first to get theirs. 

I thought, you mean all these people left their offices and daily tasks to drive all the way to this shopping mall to queue up to get a phone which has been released and will be out from that day forward? It didn’t make sense to me; but it surely made sense to the people that were in the queue. They had a reason to do what they were doing. It however doesn’t matter what you and I think; a wait is a wait. Waiting for something could be very emotionally and psychologically draining and when the wait is over; such joy, gladness, relief and much more we have to celebrate.

As I thought of the issue of waiting and receiving what we have been waiting for, I remembered the scripture that encourages us in the time of our waiting

‘I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living! Wait for the LORD; be strong and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!’ Psalm 27:13-14

My old discipleship teacher used to say; ‘wait’ is an anointed word because it is tough to do but there is always a reward in waiting. When you wait for the Lord and what He has promised you, the joy of receiving the promised blessing is indescribable; so I will encourage you not to quit waiting for what the Lord has promised you; because He will come through for you at the appointed time.

You wouldn’t even need to queue up for what He has promised you; He will bring it your way, and many will rejoice with you.

If you are feeling weary, I join my faith with yours and pray for strength from above as you wait in Jesus name. I trust God along with you for the word He has given you. Don’t forget to share your testimony of victory with me.

God is on your side!


It’s For The Better


Earlier on this week I went down memory lane with regards to a happening in my life a little over a decade ago. The situation as I saw it that time was not pleasant and today, I can see how this situation led me into a greater and better place.

The situation I experienced made me have a very strong sense of unfairness. I felt very aggrieved, badly treated and even felt cheated. Not only did I feel hurt by the situation and the people involved, sadly, I felt like God could have done more – He could have watched my back I thought. Well, the result of what I thought, which was God not watching my back was what I considered to be a demotion! That was my summary of the situation but God knew He needed to move me into my place of abundance.

As I discussed the situation with my husband earlier this week, I realised that,  not only was I not feeling the pain anymore, I was also very grateful that the situation occurred, otherwise I would never have moved into what God had for me right after that or be where I am today where I have gained more, know more and achieved much more than I could have had I fought to stay at the point where I was then.

Rather than pain, I now have a strong sense of gratitude for the past and the following decisions that were made; which wouldn’t have been made if not for the original event, which I considered injustice then! I am so grateful that I went through the period of pain, but more importantly because it has taken me to a bigger and better place. Thinking of this issue reminded me of the scripture that says;

‘You let people ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance.’ Psalm 66:12

The above scripture made it very clear that God allows things to happen to us so that He can take us into a bigger and better place. We are quite quick to think the devil is the one doing some things, but maybe it is not the devil, but God trying to help us get into a better place in life.

Do not be quick to judge incidences in your life negatively; take time to find out what lessons you can take and what doors open from said challenging times. Never forget that God has your best interest at heart and His intention is to take you to a place of abundance – that may not happen unless you pass through some places on the way.

God is on your side!


Let It Go


A newspaper article caught my attention earlier this week. The article in the UK Independence was titled ‘Man spends £30,000 and all of sons’ inheritance fighting £100 speeding fine’. I found the title fascinating and wanted to find out if the story was true or just sensationalism by the reporter.

The clip gave as much information as will show that this is a true story and I just couldn’t help but wonder how this issue could be allowed to degenerate so much. 

The story read 

A pensioner claims he spent £30,000 of his life savings, including his sons’ inheritance, fighting a £100 speeding fine. Richard Keedwell, 71, says he was wrongly slapped with a fine for travelling at 35mph in a 30mph zone during a day out in Worcester in 2016.

The retired engineer, of Yate, Gloucestershire, is adamant he was not over the speed limit – and even recruited an expert who told a court the speed camera may have been faulty or set off by a car in another lane, the BBC reports. However, despite insisting he had no case to answer, the case at Worcester Magistrates’ Court dragged on for almost three years, eating into Mr Keedwell’s savings as he lost two appeals.

Speaking to the BBC, he said he thought the case would be “fairly quick” but spent “the best part of £30,000” on barristers’ fees, court costs and travel to the court on four separate occasions.

He added that he regretted the amount of money he had spent fighting the case, but that he “very simply wanted justice”.

How on earth did anyone allow a case to go on for so long and cost so much?! A 71 year old man who has worked for the better part of his life, saved money, just ended up wasting it to prove a point. As I looked at this man’s story, I wondered how no one told him to give things a rest or could it be that he was advised but just chose to ignore the advise? 

I have realised in life that there are many things that aren’t worth fussing about as the cost of pursuing some form of ‘self satisfying’ justice could be quite high. Many of such things are not just worth the pain and regret as well as waste of time and resources they cause.

God’s word in Proverbs 19:11 says 

‘Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.’ 

Overlooking offences or letting things go isn’t a sign of weakness but the bible says, it is good sense and even brings glory to a man. I will rather take the glory and leave foolishness in the pursuit of life. 

The old man decided not to let go and ended up not just wasting his emotions, but his time and money. He ended up with regrets; my word of admonition to you today is that you learn to let go; so God can fight for you and bless you in turn.

God is on your side! 





Just like the seasons we have around us, God has designed our lives to be in phases and seasons.  Recognising these seasons will help in the management of life itself – helping us to keep the right attitude at varying stages and phases of life. Undoubtedly, there are some stages you will love to go quickly whereas there are some you will enjoy so much; that you will actually want such seasons to stay longer.


I went for a run/brisk walking session last week and walked past a shop which was a huge part of my life for about eight years. I could never believe that a time was ever going to come when I would walk past the shop and not need to queue. I was so happy and took the picture of the people going through that phase currently. As I saw the people queueing outside the shop, I just had to start reflecting on how much my life has changed and I started singing a song of gratitude to God for having passed through this stage –  to the point of not even giving it a thought any longer; what a wonder!


The Sewing Shop; is a local shop in Gravesend in Kent, it was a huge part of my life because they were the only ones that stocked approved school uniforms for the grammar schools in the town, which both of my children went to. I must share with you my funny experience on my very first day walking through the doors of the shop to pick my sons new grammar school uniform, using the school’s uniform list.  My first shock was to discover that there was a queue outside the shop –  I was surely not expecting that; as there was never a queue when I walked into any superstore to get the primary school uniform. It’s the same everywhere and never sets me back beyond £30 per child.

My second shock happened when I got into the shop and saw a sign that says ‘Loan Available’  – I laughed to myself in a snobbish way wondering why anyone would need a loan for £30 or maximum of £50 to buy school uniforms. That was my thought. When the serving lady got to my turn, I realised that I had to order based on my son’s size and they had to measure him. As she was doing that, I kept picking one thing after the other from the list. By the time I went through the list, the lady said £400 +. I genuinely thought I heard her wrong and said ‘Pardon?’ she repeated herself again and I then understood why anyone would need a loan; particularly if you are salaried, unprepared and had more than a child!


Wow, no one prepared me for the new spend! I remember returning the multiple things I picked and stayed on the skinny; only required items! Even at that, the budget was still close to £200! I couldn’t believe it. Firstly, I had to queue and secondly I had to spend so much. As I told the lady how shocked I was; she said..surely you’re happy and should be grateful! He passed the 11 plus and some other parents would give anything to be in your place….ok! no more checking the pricing! It was time to be grateful!!


That was my experience then and for the next few years as my son went through the grammar school and then my daughter. That was my reality then, but like any other thing in life: it was only for a season.

God’s word says;

‘To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven.’ Ecc  3:1

Seasons come and go, so do not get too weighed down by any season, as it will pass and you will enter into another season. Seeing the queue at the sewing shop last week made me recognise the fact that change comes and we may even be oblivious to it – but ultimately, change always come! 

God is on your side!