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Last weekend, my son Asher told me how he was excitedly looking forward to a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) match between one of the most famous faces of the game, Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. The result got me thinking of this topic of hunger and sustaining a high level of hunger after a level of success in life. So, are you still hungry? (by the way, If interested, you can get more details of the fight here)

After the tournament, the well-loved Conor McGregor who was expected to win the match lost. As Asher and I chatted about the match, I asked him; why do you think the gentleman lost this match? To which he said – ‘I think the hunger he had when he wanted to succeed is different from the level of hunger now that he has succeeded and that surely reflected in the match and the result.’ These words got me into self reflection and I share the same question with you today, Are you still hungry?

To put things in perspective about this gentleman, he’s a very good fighter who can win tough matches on his feet, but there were other good fighters before in the UFC and none of them have ever reached this kind of fever pitch following this gentleman has.

Why was Conor McGregor special as a UFC fighter?

From my findings, I gathered

Firstly, UFC fighters do not really promote their fights very much. They do not have much charisma. Many of them are reluctant to get into verbal confrontations, but Conor was different. He is like the Mohammed Alli of UFC, truly a world class fighter and a big talker.

Secondly, he had a strong drive and desire to be successful. He looked at the success of Floyd Mayweather and wanted to be as successful, so he went for his dream with a huge level of hunger and drive. Conor achieved his goal but then the question now is going on to the next level. How does he remain hungry enough to keep going after success? When you have experienced a level of success, how do you make sure you are still hungry?

Vision make a difference

It takes a conception of a new vision and a new WHY to keep going after you have achieved what is deemed as success. This will surely require you to have a dream that is beyond what you can get for yourself. In my opinion, a bigger vision that is other centric helps you keep your drive going.

Lets look at what God said about vision:

‘Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.’ Proverbs 29:18

Everyone needs a sense of a strong vision or WHY to keep going and be happy. Whether you are already successful or still striving for success. Having a vision that is beyond you and your comfort always helps with life long dreams and keeps you consistently hungry.

How do you do that? The following question will help: why am I doing this? Who will it benefit? When I achieve my immediate goal, what else? How will God be glorified by my result?

These few questions will help you and I stay the course on the path of lifelong victory. Do not loose your dream or your drive because there is still more after success; so stay hungry.

God is on your side!

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The main thrust of this message is to share with the fact that you can achieve anything you desire without allowing any obstacle stop you. Learn more about that as we read Les Browns story today.

Les and his brother Wes were adopted when they were six weeks old. They grew up in the poorest section of Miami, Florida in USA. Les was branded a slow learner and given a little chance of success by many of his teachers. However, his life changed with the encouragement of one of his school teachers said who ‘someone else’s opinion of you does not have to be your reality’.

If he can, so can you. You can achieve!


Les managed to graduate from high school and then got a job as a DJ in a radio station. After much hard work, he progressed to became the broadcast manager. He then got involved in his community and was elected to the state legislature for three terms. Les developed himself as a public speaker and received the National Speakers Association’s highest honor and was named one of the worlds top five speakers according to Toastmasters 1992.

He has since written best seller books and hosts his own TV shows. He owns businesses and commands $25,000 per appearance as a public speaker. Les has superseded what anyone would have thought of him.  His story shows that You can achieve greatness irrespective of your limitations.

This story reminds me of God’s word that says that He has a plan for our lives and how our past should never be a reason for non achievement in our lives.

‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Jeremiah 29:11 ( read the NLT version here)


Lessons in conclusion


It really does not matter what anyone thinks of you, but what God plans because that is what gets you established in your life.

Don’t give yourself any excuse for failure based on your background but find God’s plan and work hard at it.

God is on your side!



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I never knew how expensive indecision could be until I needed God to help me in an aspect of life and my indecision became for me an expensive venture. Let me share with you my story in this area and the lessons learnt to date.

As a young lady with my faith as intact as I knew it could be, my then fiancée, hubby now and I agreed that we would trust God to do our mandatory one year National Service in a particular state – that is to ensure we get a chance to further our career development with our professional studies as well as being in the same state for a year; which would mean a further opportunity to build our friendship and relationship. In the scheme of things, the reasons were not bad.

As we started taking time to pray about this next phase of life, Eddie wanted us to be specific about what we were trusting God for and he kept asking which specific organisation I would want to work for the one year and our state of choice. I remember him being specific enough to identify where he wanted to work for the one year and me saying ‘anywhere will do’ –  It seemed as if I just couldn’t look beyond the first miracle, which would be God blessing me with being in my state of choice.

The Price Paid

We continued in prayer and I still was undecided as to where I wanted to work. When the time came for the posting, we were both posted to the state of our choice and Eddie got his miracle a step further; which was, he got into the specific organisation of his desire. I got posted to an office within a setting that would never have been my choice as there was no career prospect or development within the organisation I found myself in for a year.

Yes, I did pay an expensive price for my indecision and I have since learnt to be very targeted and particular in my prayer request when bringing a matter to God. I am clear about what I want and what God’s word says about it – and I table such before the Lord accordingly. I never find myself in the place of ‘anything is ok’ as I have experienced the fact that ‘anything is not ok!’

God’s word when it comes to prayer says:-

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6  (Read the NLT version here)

Presenting your request to God is your responsibility and it is God’s own duty to hear and answer the prayer and petition point according to His will. But you have the responsibility of articulating what you want and presenting it before God.

You will never know how much dissatisfaction ‘anything’ can bring until you find yourself being presented with something – only for you to realise it wasn’t what you wanted. Be specific and do not be afraid of presenting your case and desire to God this year. Be Specific in prayers.

God is on your side!


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One of the greatest beauties of a new year is the opportunity it provides for us to start afresh. Irrespective of how great or difficult the previous year has been, a new year is a time full of hope and fresh dreams that even the biggest pessimist cannot but identify.

Whenever we are approaching the end of a year to come into a new one; Eddie and I, while reflecting on the year winding down, are generally able to pull so many grateful moments. We then look forward with excitement towards what we are planning to accomplish in the next year opening up to us.

While we have this mindset when it comes to the new year, I do encounter some people who have a different mindset. Their thinking is, ‘Nothing happened last year, so not sure I want to set new goals so I don’t get disappointed this year’. That is an interesting mindset but will never open all the great opportunities ahead of you. This mindset reminded me of some of the people we met during our days living in a cow farm in Cyprus.

While in the cow farm, our neighbor Ali and ourselves used to dream of the days we would experience true freedom. Freedom then meant being able to work in Nicosia town Monday to Fridays and having our weekends free.


The definition of freedom for us then was so limited – but we still thought, talked and planned for the days ahead based on all we could see. There were other farm hands we came across who whenever we discussed our dreams would attempt to shut us down because what we seemed to be looking forward to experiencing did not exist.

Not long after, we experienced the change we foresaw. God went beyond what we thought and dream of. We experienced His open doors and a few years later we were in United Kingdom, not just as laborers but as professionals. Only God could deliver on such a dream. But it all started with us seeing something, no matter how little that dream and vision was.

As I thought about this and the year ahead, God’s word came to my spirit which says

‘Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us’ Ephesians 3:20 (NIV)

You may also read the NLT version here

God will do way more than you and I can imagine according to His power that is at work within us. So – let me break that down…When you have His power at work in you; He empowers you to dream and imagine great things. Which He is more than able to fulfill beyond your original imagination and thoughts.

God has great things planned for you this year, so make sure you dwell in Him, grow in Him and then dream in Him. Have a dream; even when it seems impossible to achieve such; let the Lord work things out for you.

I look forward to celebrating you in 2021 because God is on your side!

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