Earlier on this week, I twisted my ankle in what I thought was a mild uncomfortable situation. The impact of that one situation got me thinking of how a little change can impact a lot of things.

The twisting of my ankle was minor but as the evening progressed, I felt more discomfort and used a cold compress remedy as well as lifting the foot up. Two hours later, I was in agony and needed more attention from my family members. After much nursing, I was comfortable enough to go to bed.

With a few adjustments I got through the night and woke up with a much better foot the following morning. The tenderness of the foot suggested I suspend my habitual daily run. That was the point where a lot of my daily routines got lost and I realised the impact of the little change to my day.



My practices were mixed up. The first was my start of the day routines were disrupted. Followed by, my not getting the opportunity to listen to a sermon, which is one thing I do on every run. The other missing activity was the listening to 4 chapters of the bible during my cooling down routines. Lastly, I missed my reading of a bible chapter and a chapter of my book for the month.

The unexpected disruption of the morning has had a huge impact and was beginning to get me upset before I arrested the negative feeling. I took charge of my day and in the pockets of time I had, caught up with almost all practises. For the rest, I settled in my heart that there is always tomorrow!


As I thought about this little incident of mine, I realised the impact of a little thing on a whole day or even sometimes a whole life. God showed us in His word that we should be mindful of the little things and not allow them ruin our space.

See the bible verse:

“Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard of love, for the grapevines are blossoming!” Songs of Solomon 2:15 NLT (the KJV version is here)

Be conscious of the little things going on around you and ensure you do not allow anything, small or big take over your life or ruin your day. When the unexpected happens, ask yourself what you need to do to adjust for the impact of the changes around you.

God is on your side!

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Are you too busy to help? Today’s story led me to asking this question of myself.

A young executive was travelling hurriedly through a certain street when he saw a young boy running down the alleyway. The executive slowed his car down in irritation but to his surprise, a brick hit his beautiful car. He was shocked and terribly upset.

The executive disembarked and checked his car to see a dent on it. He approached the young boy who rather than run off, came closer to get the attention of the executive. The executive asked, ‘why did you hit my car?’ and the boy said; ‘sir, I am so sorry, but my little brother has just fallen off his wheelchair and has hurt himself. He is currently under the wheelchair and I cannot lift him nor the wheelchair off. Please do come help me.

Suddenly, the executive’s attention was no longer on his car or his busy schedule. He hastily went along with the boy to the place where the younger brother laid under the wheelchair and lifted the boy back into the chair.


As the older boy thanked the executive but still worried about the car, the executive advised the young boy not to worry and shared the great lesson he had learnt from this incident. The executive jumped back into his car but decided to leave the dent on the car as a reminder for himself.

The lesson learnt by the executive was, ‘not to go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to get your attention.’  The lesson made me examine my heart. Am I too busy to help others?


The bible says

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. Hebrews 13:16 (Check out the NET translation here)

Never allow yourself get too busy or too self-focused to notice the people and the challenges around you. God in His word warned us not to forget to do good – which means it is possible for us to get too busy or insensitive to the needs of others around us.

Keep on doing good and keep on sharing as God is well pleased with such sacrifices of time and resources.

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What do you have? No matter how tough things look, you have something.

A couple of decades ago, we as a family were living in Cyprus and I was dependent on my husband’s work visa, which meant I could not get a job as an accountant but rather than focus on what I did not have, I looked at what I had.  So what did I have? I had time and I used that time to learn how a Cypriot cleaned. I then started volunteering at the farm owners home and within a short period of time, I became a great cleaning lady.

Second Phase of life

Then came the next phase of our lives in Cyprus when my husband moved into the city and started working as a factory hand. I still had the original limitation, however I had acquired the Cypriot’s cleaning skills and was now marketable. We placed an advert in the English paper to provide cleaning services and within a short period of time we had loads of clients. The business grew and I moved from nothing to something.

As I was thinking of this phase of our lives, I remembered the story a young lady told me. She had her two children in quick succession and had to stay at home.  During this period she learnt both how to fix hair for ladies and how to bake because all she had was time. Within a few years, she was earning in a week more than what most people earned in a month because she recognised what she had.

What do you have? Elisha asked

The two stories I have shared with you here brings me to the question Elisha asked the widow. The bible says:

Elisha replied to her, “How can I help you? Tell me, what do you have in your house?” “Your servant has nothing there at all,” she said, “except a small jar of olive oil.” 2 Kings 4:2 ( the amplified version throws another interesting light on the verse. Read here)

The question asked by Elisha is what I still ask myself and I am asking you today. What do you have? Irrespective of how insignificant you think it is, if you recognise it, God can use it and bring something great out of it.

God is on your side!


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When the lock down first started last year, and the gyms were closed, I took on daily running. It was about 5 kilometres a day which I enjoyed and I got into recording my runs on STRAVA (the running app). Well, going for the extraordinary never crossed my mind before this week, though I started increasing my capacity. As time went on, I started increasing the number of kilometres I ran by about half to one extra km per run. When I got to 7km, a lady sent me a message saying, PB – next stop 10K. I laughed and told her that I am not sure that will happen as I am happy doing my consistent 7km per day. Well, that changed this week!


Earlier on this week, one of my brothers who is also a fitness motivator Ayodele Olusanya, ayodelefitter messaged me saying; ‘I think it is time to do a 10K run.’  He mentioned that as I have consistently been running 8K, he thinks it is time to push on to the next level. I thought through it and said – ‘well, why not.’ We agreed a day and then off I went with my other responsibilities.


Interestingly I got a call a day before from this gentleman and he said we needed to do the run earlier as the weather was better. I again agreed thinking; it should not be a big deal as it’s only 2K more than what I normally would run. He came and off we went on this adventure through a different route and a new destination. It was an interesting, yet hard enough run. My running mate was very gracious to reduce his pace to mine and we made it there. As we were going to embark on the journey back, I was not sure how I would get back home keeping up – but I pushed a little further. At some point, my greatest motivation was just ensuring I got home without stopping. Which I am pleased to inform you…I did! Finally, I did a 10K run!


Why go for the extraordinary?


As I finished and went about my regular activities for the day, I asked myself why I had not done a 10k run before this time. I guess the answer is clear; ‘no need to do the extraordinary’. I was doing well enough anyway; so I did not think I had a reason to push further until someone came along to nudge me.


As I thought through my experience, the encouragement from my brother and my achievement, I remembered the word of God that encourages us to push further and thought to share the same with you today


Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. 1 Corth 9:24  (I love the NLT summary –  it says SO RUN TO WIN)


All runners run, but few run to attain. Goals and dreams are always there and many of us go for them; but achieving the extraordinary requires you to desire it and then push yourself to do the extra that will produce the result you desire.


Many of us can do the ordinary, but you must put extra in to become extra-ordinary in life.


God is on your side!


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