7 Easy Steps to Build Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

A recent survey revealed that around 85% of the adults or adolescents around the world suffer from low self-esteem. This result does not depict a comforting view, as the lack of confidence may prevent these individuals from extraordinary innovations for the benefit of this world. A variety of factors may reduce the self-esteem of an individual and these factors may differ from one individual to another. In many individuals, the taunting of a family member or the bullying of the peers may cause a lack of confidence and self-esteem. It is not hard to lose this feeling of lack of worth and increase your confidence and self-esteem.

These 7 simple ways may boost your confidence and self-esteem

Help yourself progress in your life with a burst of enthusiasm:

1. Identify Your Uniqueness

Every individual is unique in this world and has the capacity for special achievements. The first step towards building the self-confidence is the identification of this uniqueness that lies within an individual. It is essential for you not to compare yourself with your friends, colleagues, peers or other members of the family for this identification. You can identify your potential after separating yourself from the crowd and this may immediately boost your self-confidence.


2. Identification of Major Successes

It is crucial to value every achievement of your life in order to increase the level of your confidence. The psychologists believe that the acknowledgment of your past successes or achievements may generate a sense of satisfaction within an individual and increase the confidence
and self-esteem. To make a list of achievements, you may divide your life into different time periods and may make a list of the achievements during each period. This step may help you focus on the positive sides of your life instead of the failures and may give you the confidence for bigger achievements.

3. Display of Symbol of Achievements

In this digital era, you may easily notice the achievements of others on social media platforms. Your surroundings may have a huge impact on your thoughts that may impact your self-confidence. Hence, it may be prudent to make a display of your achievements. The visualization of the past achievements may fill you with confidence and may drive you towards success in the future.

4. Losing Sensitive/Hyper-Reactive Nature

In the journey of your life, you may come in contact with different types of individuals in personal, academic or professional spheres. It is not possible for anyone to please every individual in his/her life. You may have differences in opinions or ideologies with some of your friends/relatives/colleagues/peers or family members. If you take every criticism to heart, then it may leave a negative impact on your confidence or self-esteem. Hence, it is essential to be responsive to the criticism of others after losing the ego that may turn hyper-reactive or sensitive.

5. Taking Risks to Boost Self-Confidence

If you are afraid of taking risks or making changes in life, then this fear may prevent you from accomplishing something extraordinary. The fear of failure may prevent you from setting out on an adventure, applying for a position in a company or setting up a new business. The future is unpredictable. You are afraid of something non-existential if you are afraid of the future. You may have the self-confidence for great achievements with a victory over this fear. Hence, it is essential to take calculated risks in life that may push you towards success.

6. Assertive Attitude

It is beneficial for every individual to have the ability to express his/her thoughts without any self-doubt. It is a noble gesture to care about others; however, it may be imprudent to always put the requirements of others ahead of your needs. This practice may prevent you from expressing your mind, as you may worry about hurting others feelings and this may lead to lack of confidence.

  • It may be prudent to learn to say ‘No’ to the request of others at times.
  • It is equally prudent to take control of your decisions and to set a boundary for every task. These steps may keep you on right track and may prevent you from going overboard.

7. Managing a Healthy Lifestyle

The food or beverages that you consume may positively/negatively impact your mood or level of energy. Hence, it is vital to maintain a healthy diet and perform regular physical activities that may keep the stress away and give you the confidence to move ahead in your life. It is equally prudent to avoid the consumption of any recreational drug. These substances may give a temporary boost to your confidence and self-esteem. However, the consumption of recreational drugs may damage the brain-cells and may impair the sense of cognition and judiciousness.

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