As we got into the church office earlier this week we discovered that there was a system set up within the building that allowed music play from a connected device through the surround sound system on the whole floor.

As the technology was being tested with my phone, I got all excited hearing my playlist booming through the speakers throughout the floor. I was excited for a couple of reasons, one of them being that I generally play and replay the same music over and over again – until I annoy everyone around me with the same music; or maybe they get to the point of them being fed up with hearing the same song!

So after the testing period, I was left on the floor with my friend and hubby Eddie and my music still playing on. He tends to like to work in a quiet environment whereas I love to work with music on. And if there was anyone to annoy with my music, its this same good old friend of mine! Well, as the minutes progressed, I leaned across the office door and shouted to Eddie… ‘this is great! Now I can control what you hear! I am in control here!!’ To this statement of mine, he laughed and said, ‘That’s why people cant deal with absolute power; as we gave you what seemed like control and you are already abusing it; well…you forgot that I have the remote control and can switch off the whole system as and when I like.’ To demonstrate that, he reduced the volume of the system with the remote control he had with him all along. I busted out in laughter and said… ‘how like the human nature to think we have power and can use it as and when we want.’

The event, though funny taught me a lesson on the appearance of control and what we as human beings think we can do if we have power in our hands. It is amazing to note that even the nicest and kindest person can abuse power and control if there is no accountability or authority to report to. God did not design us to have ultimate authority over our lives and endeavours, He always wants us to depend on Him and check in with Him often. The garden of Eden gave us an indication of that; every evening, He comes down to fellowship with Adam and Eve. He was often present and a strong presence of a higher authority whom they had to submit to.

Same goes for us today. You and I do not have control of our lives, but God does and when we truly yield control over to Him, we are protected from both ourselves and any external forces that could derail us from following Him fully.

God’s word says

And that the life of every living thing rests in His control, along with the breath of every living human being? Job 12:10

If you read that scripture from verse 7; it even shows that animals and fishes know that God is the one in control; why do some of us humans however seem to forget that? I guess it is because we have the nature that wants to take charge and exert our authority over things if allowed.

I hereby want to submit to you that; as good as control seems, it is a dangerous thing to have when you take it out of God’s hands and choose to live as you like. I will even go a step further to say you should never fully rely on anyone who has no one around them to ‘call them to order’ as they may be accidents waiting to happen!

Finally, I will suggest you rely on the Lord, get yourself accountable to someone and it will secure you in the days we are in and the days ahead.

God is on your side!


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