Just as it is with the OSCARS, it’s nomination season in my local gym and as I walked into the class today, my trainer started out by reminding us all of that. She then said something that got me thinking and brought the thought of this message to mind.

She said she had written her acceptance speech for a few years and she still hasn’t had any nominations for any of the awards. She then mentioned that another one of the instructors wins the nomination almost every year and that by now the award receiving instructor must be tired of her yearly recognition. Some other trainees in the class then laughed at my instructor, asking if she was jealous of the fact that she never receives any award but the other lady gets awards repeatedly.

My instructor mentioned that she does not feel jealous but she is happy for the instructor that gets the awards, though feels down once in a while that she hasn’t won any. As I examined the gracious nature of my instructor, I asked myself if I would feel that relaxed about the issue if I worked in a place and never get recognised year in year out, particularly if I worked hard enough too and have expected to be recognised and even prepared my speech!

Someone in class then said jokingly, ‘I wonder if you’ll still be ready with your speech on the day you will get called out. You might have given up and not brought the speech to the awards night or not even attend at all.’ Wow I thought, after waiting for something for a while and not getting it, it is possible to be missing on the day of the reward/recognition; now that is scary.

The bible warned us about this saying

‘Let us not be weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.’ Galatians 6:9

Weariness can set in for any one of us if we have been waiting for something for a long period of time and we have repeatedly been disappointed. I will however want to keep admonishing you to not give up but to continue waiting because at the appropriate time you will be recognised and rewarded if you’re still waiting.

Whatever happens, keep your acceptance speech handy as the day of recognition might come sooner than you think!

God is on you side!

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