My daughter shared with me earlier this week how she did a sweep in one of the WhatsApp group chats she manages. She went through the group and removed everyone who hasn’t been active in the group for a certain amount of months. After she’d done that, she contacted each of the people removed and explained why she removed them.

The funny part then came when she decided to send a message to everyone else left in the group chat – a line which the government has used repeatedly to communicate their message about being careful in recent times: “anyone can get it”. While the government was referring to the coronavirus and how we should be careful, my daughter in messaging the rest of the group was insinuating that anyone can get thrown out of the group. All of a sudden after that time, engagement got stronger within the group, with passive members becoming more active.

As I listened to her I thought about the fact that many of us have the strong desire to belong and that still reflects when chucked out of a group you don’t even participate in. On the other hand, there is an open invitation within the body of Christ which gives us all a chance to be adopted into this family and become sons of God. Using the same phrase, positively however, I’ll say anyone can get it – accepting the love of Christ and becoming part of His family.

God’s word says:

‘See what great love the father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are….’1 John 3:1

As much as His love and acceptance of us is unconditional, we as His children, need to reciprocate by engaging with Him. We are not saved to be detached from the one who now calls us His children, so we should still endeavour to engage with our father who has called us His.

The love of God is real, surely anyone can get it; but to maximise the benefits, you must engage with Him in prayers, bible study and fellowship..

God is on your side!

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Many thanks PB for this great message .This reminds us to be active Christians maintaining constant/effective relationship with God ,this will enable us to enjoy to the fullest the benefits of being God’s children.
Nice piece.

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