Are You Happy?


Earlier on this week, Andy Murray, the tennis player gave an interview where he mentioned that he doesn’t need trophies to make him happy anymore. This interview, which came on the back of his decision to retire due to injuries, showed that his happiness prior to now depended on getting trophies. This got me thinking of the issue of happiness. So I asked myself and will also want to ask you this simple but big question. ‘Are you happy?’

I am one of six children, five of us being girls with one brother. My parents weren’t people you’d call rich, they had their fair share of challenges as parents of six, but my home was always buzzing and my siblings found something to laugh about no matter how little. So I took the issue of happiness and laugher as a norm.

Over the course of my career and travels however, I have come to realise that happiness seems elusive to many. The culture of being happy no matter what which I grew up with and still practise to date seems unusual to most. I thought about one of my sisters who has gone through so many challenging situations but never lost her joy and ability to laugh despite the challenges. I had to ask her how she maintains this happy demeanour and she said to me, ‘being unhappy wouldn’t change anything, so I might as well just laugh because the bible made it clear that laughter is good for you.’

Her statement reminded me of the scripture that says;

‘A merry heart does good, like medicine’. Proverbs 17:22

Being happy and having a cheerful countenance is a choice, one that can be made even in the most difficult of situations and locations. Joseph was a prisoner in Egypt, but the bible made it clear that his countenance was cheerful and the same went for Daniel who was a refugee, but his countenance was equally different from that of others.

You too can be happy and that does not mean that life will not come with its own challenges, but you radiating happiness is a choice you can make and live by always. I actually believe that solutions come when we are happier.

I therefore today wish you a very happy day and week. Make the choice of being happy irrespective of your situation because God is on your side!

PS:  To test your happiness level; you can do a quick Happiness Test here..

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