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There is a McDonald’s advert that I really like and have learnt a thing or two from, I thought to share it with you today. Not that I am advocating for McDonald’s, but I have seen the advert and have reflected a few times on how the situation could have potentially had a different outcome if things were different (the link to the 30 sec advert is at the end of this blog post)

The advert is set up to showcase McDonald’s breakfast range. In it a gentleman who was on his way to an interview, he ran into a lady just as he was about to queue for his purchase, but kindly gave her a chance to go ahead of him and place her order. She didn’t give much attention to him as she was on her phone. The orders were placed and each of them went their separate ways.

The next scene of this advert showed the young man in the waiting area alongside others waiting nervously to be called in for his interview. He then got called in – only to see the lady whom he was kind to earlier and she was his interviewer. She remembered him and so did he her. His act of kindness gave him an opportunity to stand out.

One of the thoughts that has crossed my mind after watching this advert is that a negative attitude at that time of the day wouldn’t have been uncommon. What if the gentleman had had a bad attitude because it was the first thing in the morning and he hadn’t had breakfast, coffee etc. What if his excuse was, ‘Well; I am within my right to get in line’. What would potentially have happened to him?

A good attitude, no matter where and to whom, will always outweigh many things that can be obstacles. When you are kind and exhibit a great attitude, you will never lack help. Kindness is even better when shown to people who can never pay us back – that is showing kindness without any direct benefits; now, that is a great act that we need to learn to practise daily. 

This is not just a recommendation from me but from God as well; God’s word says;

 ‘Since you have been chosen by God who has given you this new kind of life, and because of his deep love and concern for you, you should practice tender-hearted mercy and kindness to others. Don’t worry about making a good impression on them but be ready to suffer quietly and patiently.’ Colossians 3:12 (The Living Bible Version)

Be kind, it pays. Even if man will not reward you, God will. I can give you numerous examples of how kindness has spoken for me or the people around me; but that will be another story for another day…. but for today, sow seeds of kindness because it pays!

God is on your side!


PS: the advert is here

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Great message, valuable advice. I agree – you’re always the biggest beneficiary of your own kindness. Thanks PB!

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