I never knew how expensive indecision could be until I needed God to help me in an aspect of life and my indecision became for me an expensive venture. Let me share with you my story in this area and the lessons learnt to date.

As a young lady with my faith as intact as I knew it could be, my then fiancée, hubby now and I agreed that we would trust God to do our mandatory one year National Service in a particular state – that is to ensure we get a chance to further our career development with our professional studies as well as being in the same state for a year; which would mean a further opportunity to build our friendship and relationship. In the scheme of things, the reasons were not bad.

As we started taking time to pray about this next phase of life, Eddie wanted us to be specific about what we were trusting God for and he kept asking which specific organisation I would want to work for the one year and our state of choice. I remember him being specific enough to identify where he wanted to work for the one year and me saying ‘anywhere will do’ –  It seemed as if I just couldn’t look beyond the first miracle, which would be God blessing me with being in my state of choice.

The Price Paid

We continued in prayer and I still was undecided as to where I wanted to work. When the time came for the posting, we were both posted to the state of our choice and Eddie got his miracle a step further; which was, he got into the specific organisation of his desire. I got posted to an office within a setting that would never have been my choice as there was no career prospect or development within the organisation I found myself in for a year.

Yes, I did pay an expensive price for my indecision and I have since learnt to be very targeted and particular in my prayer request when bringing a matter to God. I am clear about what I want and what God’s word says about it – and I table such before the Lord accordingly. I never find myself in the place of ‘anything is ok’ as I have experienced the fact that ‘anything is not ok!’

God’s word when it comes to prayer says:-

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6  (Read the NLT version here)

Presenting your request to God is your responsibility and it is God’s own duty to hear and answer the prayer and petition point according to His will. But you have the responsibility of articulating what you want and presenting it before God.

You will never know how much dissatisfaction ‘anything’ can bring until you find yourself being presented with something – only for you to realise it wasn’t what you wanted. Be specific and do not be afraid of presenting your case and desire to God this year. Be Specific in prayers.

God is on your side!


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