My pastor shared with the parents of a young lady in church a funny incident which reminded us of why we ‘Do Not Complain’.

According to my pastor, a couple of years ago, the young lady sent him a birthday greeting which he acknowledged joyfully. The following year, she sent him another message with the exact words as the previous year. After receiving the repeated greeting from her, my pastor replied to her by thanking her and saying. ‘Thank you, but this message seems like a repeat of that sent the year before. Anyway, thank you for sending me the message.’

The following year however, the young lady did not even send any message on the pastor’s birthday. So, pastor told her parents– ‘please tell her I am so sorry I complained.  I will welcome a message from her this year, even if it is the old one that she sent before. As my complaint has now resulted in her not sending any greeting at all.’


It was so funny that this young lady who just about sent a message to her pastor felt the complaint should be met with inaction the following year. And this incident also reminded me of another event I experienced years ago.

I used to call an old neighbour of ours just to find out how she was doing. The problem however was, every time I called her, she would complain about me not calling for a while. That would kind of upset me and I would go into blaming myself for the ‘neglect’. Subsequently, I realised that whenever I thought about and wanted to call her, I would feel a restraint.  I felt as if I would be reprimanded for not calling sooner. This then led to further distance and my total break in communication.

The point of these stories is that our complaints may not always yield positive fruits. I definitely know that God does not like complaint and He actually instructed us His children not to engage in it. Here is a scripture to show that

“Do all things without complaining and disputing, that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God” Philippians 2:14-15 (check out the NLT version)

God expects us to do ALL things without complaining so we may become blameless and harmless children of GOD.

Even when it seems justified and difficult to execute, we are instructed not to complain as our father does not like complaining children. In the Old Testament, complaint made God wipe out some of His people. Despite all He went through to deliver them, complaints made Him disassociate with them. This little thing called complaint is a big deal to God, so desist from engaging in it.

Whatever happens, Do Not Complain because God is on your side!


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