One of the occurrences that has never left my mind as a person was the tragic incident that occurred to my next-door neighbor who had an accident at a music festival and sadly passed away. What was remarkable about the period was the mum and how she dealt with the grief of the loss of her son. As you will appreciate, she was in an awfully bad state and needed as much support as possible. Over time, sympathizers started getting back into their daily functions and she had fewer and fewer visitors. A group of people however did something I have never forgotten since then.

As the lady’s sad news went round, a group of people from a certain church – which most other christian’s  will refer to today as a sect, came to her door. Introduced themselves and became daily visitors, providing practical and spiritual support for her during the period and after everyone else had left; they continued to invest time in the lady, providing support for her and her household. The continued show of love and assistance to the lady was definitely outstanding and now, almost 4 decades on, I still remember clearly how this group showed love and support when most needed, even after everyone had gone back to their business, forgetting the lady and her sorrow.

The incident and assistance of this group has been a well-remembered point in my mind. I will always say to myself that I will ensure that no matter how much work it is, to love when no one is there looking and when the other person is not expecting anything from anyone else. Loving non-stop is a Christ type of behavior and this group of people demonstrated it so well in the life of my neighbor that they left an impact, not just with my neighbor but with myself a young teenager as well.

Loving and showing love to the people around us is not an action of convenience or something to win us brownie points with anyone; but something that we can do to make an everlasting change in someone else’s life. I will therefore want to implore you to embrace this as well. The group did not need to preach any message to the woman, they just showed her love and that won her over.

Gods’ word says:

Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God. Anyone that loves is a child of God and knows God. 1 John 4:7

WOW! Loving reflects how much we know God. It is easy to love the people we know and are related to. It is easy as well to love people that are lovable; but a lot of work to love people we do not know at all or that we cannot benefit from.

Every so often over the last 3 decades, when the Lord brings that incident and the love shown by the group of strangers to my heart, I am reminded that the difference maker will always be the love I show to both those I think deserve it and those I might think do not.

If Jesus showed love to everyone, then the more I know Him, the more I am meant to show love to everyone and will advise the same of you today. Love shown, not out of compulsion but out of compassion is what lasts and impacts.

God is on your side!


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“love shown, not out of compulsion but out of compassion is what last and impacts” So true ma. Thank you for opening our eyes to this truth! God bless you PB

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