Don’t Ignore It

PE shared one of his childhood stories where he had problem with a tooth. He said he went to brush his teeth as a six-year-old boy and then saw a little black mark on one of his molars. According to him, he attempted to get rid of the mark and there was no change, so he decided to forget about it since it was nothing that could be seen by anyone else.

What however happened was that as time went on, the small mark became bigger and bigger, which then became a major tooth problem that caused him many sleepless nights and an immense amount of pain. A few decades later, the pain became unbearable and Eddie had to visit the dentist to have an extraction. As he said, ‘if I had known that the little black dot was going to cause me so much pain in the future, I would have dealt with it when it was only small’

There are many things that seems so harmless and many of us would rather keep them since they don’t seem harmful or noticeable. Those kind of situations however seldom turn out as innocent as they look after a while. They end up becoming major issues that we then have to spend a lot more time and resources to deal with.

As Eddie shared his story and encouraged the listeners not to ignore the little things they observe, I remembered the bible verse that says,

‘Catch for us the foxes the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.’ Song of Solomon 2:15

It only takes little foxes to destroy the vineyard full of bloom. I would know this because when Eddie and I were staying in Cyprus, we were living in a cow farm and our farm owner had a citrus farm. Right after planting the seeds, the farmers go through a lot of trouble to secure the farm and create scarecrows mainly to ensure foxes and many other little animals do not come into the field to uproot the seeds. A farmers hard work might not get them any reward if this little action is not embarked upon. It is as important as clearing the field and planting the seeds if a farmer wants to be guaranteed great harvest.

The lesson is that the little seemingly insignificant things can cause grossly disproportionate damage. Unless we are aware of this great lesson, we will not guard ourselves against things that do great damage in our lives and that means loss of time, finances or even more dangerous losses like loss of health.

Do not ignore the little hidden issues at the moment because if they are allowed to fester, they could also end up becoming public issues that cause great embarrassment. So, don’t just ignore it. God is on your side!


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