Don’t Stay Stuck!

The movie Chicken Run, an Award-winning DreamWorks animation tells the story of a brood of chickens doomed to a life of egg-laying on a Yorkshire chicken farm. When a flamboyant American rooster arrives on the scene, the hens hope he can teach them to fly to freedom. The story line has a number of great messages told through the eyes of a brood of chickens trying to break out of their chicken-wire world to escape their fate at the chopping block. The freedom leader, Ginger, comments in one of the scenes, ‘the fences are not just around us, they are all in your minds’. She reminds her fellow chickens that a bigger obstacle than the physical fences they are surrounded by are the mental fences that hold them captive.

In life, the mental fences we have allowed cage us in can be greater barriers to deal with than physical ones. Many people have fenced themselves in self doubt, procrastination, limiting beliefs, fear, uncertainty, a sense of failure, negative outlook and many more. All these are internal noises with the objective of keeping you stuck!

Many people today allow themselves stay stuck like the chickens in the movie, yet many of the limitations we face are never external. They live inside us and it will take a conscious effort to break out of those mental fences, particularly because they are unseen and can’t be easily detected by others but by ourselves if we choose to be genuine with ourselves.

I am reminded of a bunch of lepers in the bible that were trapped because there was a famine due to war. They decided one day that if they stayed where they were, they would die of starvation but if they went into the city and camped there, they may die in the hands of the army. They made a conscious choice to break out of their mental limitation and went into the camp and they experienced abundance because the Lord had gone ahead of them and removed all the obstacles. What if they didn’t make a move? What if they allowed themselves get paralysed by their mental fences, using their ailments and conditions as excuses? (2 Kings 7:3-7)

God’s word says;

‘This is what the LORD says: “I will go before you, and level the mountains. I will smash down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.” ‘Isaiah 45:2

God has promised to ‘go before us’ but we still have to follow him by breaking the cage of fear, uncertainty, paralysis and move forward otherwise, we can be stuck despite His great promises to us. It is our responsibility to act on the back of His words, we have to break out of our mental fences.

Mental fences will keep you stuck as long as you keep gazing at them. The antidote to being trapped by our mental fences is to create a compelling enough vision that, like Ginger the chicken leader and her brood of chicken friends, we are willing to resort to amazing measures to break out because the vision is strong enough to propel us to break any limitation; imagined or real.

You must be determined to take action so you can enjoy your future of possibilities and progress…so please don’t stay stuck.

God is on your side!


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I am really grateful for this motivational and inspiring piece, which gives me solution to my problem
Thank you PB so much

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