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What if your mind doesn’t accept a promise? What do you lose out on? Learn a thing or two from my story at the gym this week. 

A few days ago, I was in my spin class where my trainer mentioned that she was going to be on holiday for a week, she then mentioned the fact that a replacement trainer would be sent to the next class. 

Many of us mentioned the name of a replacement trainer we were familiar with. She was who we were used to and that was what we expected. We however had one of the gym administrators in the spin class and she said: ‘yes there is a replacement trainer and the name of that trainer is Dan.’

Now, every single class trainer I’ve had at the gym in my over 7 years of attendance has always been female. My mind, alongside that of others in the class couldn’t take the fact that we were going to have a male trainer. A lady said, is that a Dani or a Danielle? The administrator looked puzzled and said, ‘well I am almost sure the trainer will be male’. Many in class did not accept this fact, and that became clearer when a few ladies started mentioning the fact that the administrator surely had made a mistake.

When the day came, I was in class with a couple of regulars who came to see if the replacement trainer was male or not. Some didn’t come because they would rather stick to who and what they knew. Surprisingly, there was indeed a male trainer. As uncomfortable as it was at the beginning, because it wasn’t what we were familiar with, the class went very well, and the class was well worth it – muscles still hurt four days later!

How come the strange and unexpected class was a good one for those that came? It should have been great for all of us, but a lot of regulars gave it a miss because it was new and it was strange. That taught me how averse many of us are to change. 

Change is good, and the word of God says even God does new things and expects us to be comfortable with the new things He does. God’s word says;

‘For I am going to do a brand-new thing. See I have already begun! Don’t you see it? I will make a road through the wilderness of the world for my people to go home and create rivers for them in the desert.’ Isaiah 43:19 TLB version

If we don’t embrace new things, we will never expect nor experience the road God will create in the wilderness or the river He will create in the desert. It takes expectation to see the new thing God has begun. 

As that scripture said, to the one who is not expecting a new thing, even when it’s there staring us in the face, we cannot see it. We were all told by the administrator that it’s Dan and we believed she must have meant Dani! We were not expecting or ready to experience a change – so our minds didn’t accept it nor did some people act on it. 

God is on your side!

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