Today marks the beginning of the second lock-down in 2020 in the United Kingdom as the Coronavirus spread needs to be managed by the government. As much as many understand the need for the lock-down, conversations are being had in many places about the effects of the lock-down on people.

As I was finishing my spin class on Wednesday morning, my trainer decided to encourage everyone in the class by telling us that she has been finding comfort in the bible verses I had sent to her last week. According to her, she was feeling really low at the beginning of this week because, not only is she self employed, but the second lock-down will see her husband going to work while she is by herself at home. She mentioned how hard this new lock-down was weighing on her mind and decided to meet up with another lady and read some bible verses to lift her spirit up.

According to her, upon reading these bible verses, she felt as if the words were speaking directly to her and there was a huge comfort and sense of peace she received from them. She shared this with the class and said; do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed during this new lockdown; if you’re feeling low, reach out to me. I’ll be available to listen to you or just chat with you so you know you’re not alone and that everything will be alright.

As she spoke, many of the students in class appreciated her and acknowledged the fact that lockdown 2 is proving a difficult one for them, even before we start it…but one of the ladies said – part of the solution to heaviness of heart at this time is to be kind to one another, look out for one another and listen to one another.

This is so true – taking on the concept of ‘one another’ is one of the best gifts a Christian can give to their immediate neighbour. When you look out for someone, you will equally never be left alone. Caring for and encouraging others is a seed that yields continuous benefits.

God’s word says

‘Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.’ 1 Thess 5:11

God expects us to encourage and build each other up. Make it a point of duty that you will look out for someone else within these weeks ahead and will help someone get through these tough times. Sow the seed of kindness and you will never lack kind destiny helpers yourself. Build someone up with your words of encouragement.

God will watch over and keep you safe in Jesus name



Thank you so much PB for your continuous words of encouragement and always checking on me!
May God continue to bless you and your family.

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