This week saw us celebrating the 18th anniversary of Gateway Chapel, and this got us into a reflective mode. On one of the days, Pastor Eddie said, ‘if anyone had told you when we were in the cow farm that a time of celebration like this will come, what would you have said?’  That question got me thinking and I want to share  with you today. Remember, everything will be alright.


While in the cow farm, though God gave a word of assurance of great days ahead (His promise); He never gave the details of it in such a way that we could have seen today as it is. It can be difficult for many to picture the beautiful future that God has ahead of them, particularly when one cannot see a way out of the present difficulties being experienced – HOPELESSNESS.

The experiences of life sometimes seem endless, I am however a testament to the fact that those days do come to an end and God will still stand true to His word which He promised you. Stay strong and faithful to His word because everything will be alright in the end if you wait for Him and the accomplishment of His words in your life.

When we progressed from the cow farm into a room in a shared accommodation in East London, life took a different turn, and the difficulty was of a different shade. With two little children to worry about in addition to ourselves and living in what I can only describe as an impossible situation with no clear strategy or way out.


The only stable thing during those times were the promises God gave to us. We barely survived on a weekly basis. POVERTY seemed to be our reality in a land of plenty – based on the word God gave us. If this is your experience now, I can surely assure you that it will change, and everything will be alright.


Another predominant feeling in the times of living in our one room was the feeling of ISOLATION. We had just migrated to the United Kingdom and did not know or have relatives that we could call on.  The feeling of isolation was strong and we did not even know where to get the most basic of information.

We lived based on what we felt was right; but for God and His mercies, mistakes could have been made. He then set us in a local church and the promise of sending us men and women who will carry our children upon their shoulders began to manifest. If you are feeling isolated or lonely today, do not despair because everything will be alright.


I can recount numerous stories and testimonies, but all can be easily wrapped up with the word of God that says

Weeping may remain for a night but rejoicing comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5

Challenges and tough times do come, but they do have expiry dates. The charge I have for you today is to make sure you set your heart on the Lord and His promises as He takes you through the night season and the tough times, so that you can enjoy your morning season of rejoicing.

Everything will surely be alright, hang on to God because He will carry you through these times. I can assure you without a doubt that you will look back at these times with fondness for the lessons you have learnt and the miracles you have received as our God took you through the wilderness of your life to bring you out to a large place. (Psalm 18:19)

God is on your side! (read this previous blog post to help you focus more on your God and His ability to help you always)


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