Fight Your Way Back!

I know I wasn’t the only one glued to the tv on Sunday night! After a heavy weekend, I should naturally not be glued to the tv on Sunday evening. However, I had to see history being made as Tiger Woods returned to win another green jacket. I learnt so much from this game and I do need to share one of my lessons with you today.

Tiger has had major personal, marital and health crisis over the last few years. I remember reading an article where he mentioned that his son, 10 year old Charlie, had never seen him win a major and his son just believed that he was just a ‘nintendo’ old time golf player, not a relevant winner. His rating in the world at some point within the last 10 years dropped to 1199th and I have repeatedly heard commentators say he is finished as a sports figure. Many organisations did not believe he could add value to them anymore.

Tiger however mentioned in a few interviews that, he believed very much in his heart that he would still come back and be a major player in the world of golf. His body, colleagues, the press and many other circumstances said otherwise; but he chose to believe so much in himself and fought all the obstacles that would not allow him experience what he wanted.

As Vince Lombardi said, “Winners never quit and quitters never win” and Tiger Woods didn’t quit. He kept pushing through failure, defeat, and huge amounts of physical pain to get back to the winners circle. After five years of managing injuries, he found a way to make it happen. What a lesson! This reminds me of God’s word that says;

‘But as for you, be strong and do not give up for your work will be rewarded.’  2 Chronicles 15:7

Everyone of us that has dreams must pursue them and fight for such dreams irrespective of what we see around us. Tiger, prior to his come back had four operations on his back, the last a spinal fusion. I can imagine his state of mind when the first 3 didn’t work. If he had stopped fighting for what he wanted, we will not be celebrating him today. The press mentioned the unbelievable amount of audience, interest and money that this gentleman’s comeback had and will bring to the world of golf. Just one man’s’ decision to fight for what he wants will affect millions.

If you’re down and out, you can’t give up. You can’t give in. You must dig deep down, find the drive to succeed, find strong reasons why you must succeed and commit to all it takes to achieve what you dreamt. You can never tell how many people will be affected positively by your outcome.

God is on your side!

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Reading through this article has made me realised that I have given up so many times and got tired of being thrown back at the same starting point. Thank you PB for this is a big eye opener.

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