Go For It!

I was reading about a young boy called Tommy earlier this week. Tommy was deemed very slow by his teachers and his mum was always being called by the school. The repeated report was that Tommy was incapable and had problems catching up with his mates. His ability to retain information was also queried because the teachers said he asked too many questions. After much complaint by the school, mum had to withdraw Tommy from school and started homeschooling him. She kept letting him know how great he was and how he could achieve anything he wanted. That child, under his mum’s encouragement and nurturing became the great Thomas Edison who was one of the world’s greatest inventors. Mum said go for it and Tommy did!

As I thought of Thomas Edison’s story, I remembered my childhood. I come from a home where my parents (particularly my dad) believe in us and ensure we know it. I grew up hearing him say, ‘if you have a dream, just go get it; I’ll support you all the way!’ Today, I’ll share with you one of such stories of his support.

After my secondary school education, I did a few entrance examinations which I passed and was awaiting the end of summer to start higher education. In the interim, I wanted to try to interview for a vacation job because I had never done one before. My dad found out about an accounting administrator role within a huge government sector and encouraged me to apply for the role. I did not think I qualified for the role but remembered my dad saying , “ well, apply and let’s see what happens. You can only try. Do your best and see what happens.”

I did, got past the three stages and got to the final section which was a panel interview. As I faced the panel, I was asked a series of questions and informed straight away that they wanted to offer me a job if I would be happy to not go for my studies but start working immediately for them. I was also informed that over 200 people applied for the role and I was their preferred person!  I was delighted but I rejected the job offer and and went studying. I however got the invaluable experience of multi stage interviews as well as increased confidence in knowing that I could achieve a goal, no matter how unreachable it seemed.

Caleb, a gentleman in the bible was another person to learn from when it comes to going for great things irrespective of your circumstances. He was old, but there were promises God had given his people and he wanted to experience and enjoy the promises. He never let age nor obstacles limit him. He said to Joshua,

“So give me the hill country that the LORD promised me. You will remember that as scouts we found the descendants of Anak living there in great, walled towns. But if the LORD is with me, I will drive them out of the land, just as the LORD said.” Joshua 14:12

Like Caleb stated, you need to know that when God gives you a promise, He will be with you and empower you to GO GET IT! But you’ve got to believe you can, go for it and keep at it until you achieve your dream.

Nothing you want in life comes on a platter of gold. Promises are to be contended for because nothing of value ever gets delivered without working hard for it.  Be assured however that as you go for your goals/ promises this year, you won’t need to fight for it alone because God has promised and He will be with you as you go for your goals.

So my word of advise to you today is simple.. just like Caleb, GO get it.

God is on your side!

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