When the lock down first started last year, and the gyms were closed, I took on daily running. It was about 5 kilometres a day which I enjoyed and I got into recording my runs on STRAVA (the running app). Well, going for the extraordinary never crossed my mind before this week, though I started increasing my capacity. As time went on, I started increasing the number of kilometres I ran by about half to one extra km per run. When I got to 7km, a lady sent me a message saying, PB – next stop 10K. I laughed and told her that I am not sure that will happen as I am happy doing my consistent 7km per day. Well, that changed this week!


Earlier on this week, one of my brothers who is also a fitness motivator Ayodele Olusanya, ayodelefitter messaged me saying; ‘I think it is time to do a 10K run.’  He mentioned that as I have consistently been running 8K, he thinks it is time to push on to the next level. I thought through it and said – ‘well, why not.’ We agreed a day and then off I went with my other responsibilities.


Interestingly I got a call a day before from this gentleman and he said we needed to do the run earlier as the weather was better. I again agreed thinking; it should not be a big deal as it’s only 2K more than what I normally would run. He came and off we went on this adventure through a different route and a new destination. It was an interesting, yet hard enough run. My running mate was very gracious to reduce his pace to mine and we made it there. As we were going to embark on the journey back, I was not sure how I would get back home keeping up – but I pushed a little further. At some point, my greatest motivation was just ensuring I got home without stopping. Which I am pleased to inform you…I did! Finally, I did a 10K run!


Why go for the extraordinary?


As I finished and went about my regular activities for the day, I asked myself why I had not done a 10k run before this time. I guess the answer is clear; ‘no need to do the extraordinary’. I was doing well enough anyway; so I did not think I had a reason to push further until someone came along to nudge me.


As I thought through my experience, the encouragement from my brother and my achievement, I remembered the word of God that encourages us to push further and thought to share the same with you today


Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. 1 Corth 9:24  (I love the NLT summary –  it says SO RUN TO WIN)


All runners run, but few run to attain. Goals and dreams are always there and many of us go for them; but achieving the extraordinary requires you to desire it and then push yourself to do the extra that will produce the result you desire.


Many of us can do the ordinary, but you must put extra in to become extra-ordinary in life.


God is on your side!


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Thank you PB for the quality teaching of the word always with stories /experiences that will always inspire me. God bless you ma.

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