Eddie & I got back from our Sunday evening walk to notice that the front passenger tyre of my car had deflated completely. We could not even move the car to the nearest tyre inflation point, which was less than 100 meters from home, so we had to do something urgently to get the tyre inflated.

Eddie remembered that we had a portable tyre inflator and decided to use it so we could take the car over to the next filling station to get the proper tyre inflating machine on it. After many attempts to get the mobile inflator working without success, Eddie suggested we leave things as they were and call in the breakdown services the next day to sort it out. As we were about to pack things up, with me thinking Eddie wasn’t doing something right with the machine, we saw one of our spiritual sons who is more DIY literate walking down with his wife. Yes! God has sent us a helper – I thought! Sadly after much attempt himself, our son couldn’t fix the tyre either. As we were wrapping up without success, a gentleman just started walking our way.

The gentleman in question had a manual tyre inflator in his hands. He mentioned that he saw us struggling and thought to come help us. He then bent over, fixed his machine to my tyre and started pumping manually by himself! We were all well surprised and shocked. I then asked him where he was coming from as he surely does not live in our close and I had never seen him before. He mentioned that he drove into the close to answer a telephone call and saw us struggling and thought he could help. He did inflate the tyre and then just took his machine and walked off. He got nothing but ‘thank you’ and walked off happily.

How on earth does a stranger come to help just at the time of need, one more time that situation reminded me of the scripture that says that

‘God is our refuge and God is our strength. A very present help in times of trouble. ‘ Psalm 46:1

God is always at hand to help us. He can send help at the most unexpected time from the most unexpected person. If He can help sort out my tyre problem as small as it was, he can sort out bigger issues for you.

God is on your side!


14 replies on “GOD SENT A HELPER!”

What a fantastic word of encouragement. Thank you so much Pastor Bola. Indeed God sends helpers into our lives. He is ever present everyday every hour.

Just what I needed to hear now. I’m refreshed and encouraged. Praise the Lord and thank you for sharing PB.

Wow,that was definitely God sending an helper to you Ma.Thank God for his mercy towards us his children’s.I really Appreciate Ma.Thank you.

Glory be to God for sending helpers to us in times of need. I have similar encounter from a couple and both of them disappear after helping to fix my tyre. I called it angelic visitation.

I’m so so blessed and encouraged knowing fully well God can send help to me at the most unexpected time.

Thank you PB

Good morning,

Thank you for sharing this with me and reminding me of the awesomeness of God and his presence in the small and great things.


Thank you pastor, this just brightens my day. Indeed you’re truly the present help. I wake up all day thinking where my help would come from especially in this present time “its indeed from the lord which made heaven and earth”

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