He Shows Up On Time!

One of the first lessons I learnt about God is His ability to show up just when He is needed, He is never late, and He never fails. Last Sunday, our church music team sang a special song that reflected that, and I absolutely loved it; so much so, I’ve learnt the lyrics! I’ll tell you the song at the end of this write up… but back to my story today and lessons learnt.

One of my uncles was very fond of making promises. He had great intentions but never factored in all that could possibly not allow the promise to materialize; so, without wanting to, he constantly disappointed and my funny siblings tagged him ‘Uncle disappoint’. I wanted to contrast that with my dad who always made sure he followed through on any word or promise he gives to whoever he gives it. He would say it and you’d see him pull all the stops to achieve whatever he promises us, his children, neighbours, church members, family or friends. I have seen my dad do this all my life, and it genuinely set my expectation of God as the one who always shows up on time.

Once while I was at University, which was about a three hour travel from my home-base, my dad told me he was going to visit me on a certain week and I remember informing as many as would listen. My dad doesn’t just visit, he brings gifts from home and he doesn’t give only myself, but all my roommates and friends. So, dad coming means everyone gets a gift of value – as at that time.

We didn’t have access to phones as we do now: so, the only thing we could do was wait. We surely waited, and as the week progressed, some of my friends started saying, maybe he has changed his mind. To which I said, I was very certain he didn’t, as he has promised me, he would show up. Well, Friday came and no dad – now every one of my mates were certain he wouldn’t show and some even went away for the weekend by 12noon, others left the campus for shopping etc. Knowing what I knew of my dad, I stayed put and waited in my room. No chore was strong enough to distract me.

At about 4pm on that Friday, a very unlikely time to visit the town I was, due to heavy traffic and the level of discomfort that will be experienced to return to my home-base; my dad showed up! I remember grinning all over the place saying to anyone that cared to listen; I knew he would show up because he never fails!

This week, I remembered that story again as God showed up big time for one of our spiritual family members. And that reminded me of one of my favorite scripture that says:

‘Not one word of all the good promises that the Lord has made to the house of Israel had failed. All came to pass!’ Joshua 21:45

Our God never fails, and He will never fail you. Please wait for Him, because He will show up for you just on time; not necessarily your timing; but His time and on time.

God is on your side!

PS : my favorite song of the week is, ‘Never Fail’ by Anthony Evans

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Hallelujah, read this with a big smile. How I love our God, our very present help in trouble. Thanks PB for the word in season

Thanks PB for always encouraging. I stand upon that word for my household in Jesus’ name. HE will surely show up for US.

God had proven time and again that He is ever faithful. He is never late. I’m a kiving testimony of that. Thank you PB

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