Running through the park as I tend to do often means I get to see a lot of things. People, runners, dog walkers, walking mates, families and so on. Seeing these various groups of people teaches me different lessons and I thought to share with you the lesson I learnt of a father showing that no matter what happens, He will carry you!

The family I saw comprised of the dad, a daughter, and a dog. While running up the hill, I saw the dad walking his dog and the daughter riding the scooter alongside dad. On my return, I observed a totally different thing. As I saw dad from afar on my return journey, I realised that rather than see 3 sets of legs and a scooter, I noticed only one.

Dad was still walking but carrying the dog. Pretty soon, the daughter decided she didn’t want to ride her scooter anymore and dad had to carry the daughter and the scooter too. It was such a view seeing the man labouring to carry all the other – supposed parts of his 3 life-walks. His was not meant to be the only set of legs on the journey but the rest of the party gave up on him and he had to do the work!


As I observed dad’s task of carrying the burden of his dog and daughter that chose to stop moving forward on their journey. I first found the situation funny and then I remembered our heavenly father who strengthens and helps carry us along the way when we collapse. Our heavenly father will carry us through the difficult times.

God, just like this father; carried the children of Israel through the wilderness. He said in His word

‘You have seen what I did to the Egyptians. You know how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself. Exodus 19:4 (nlt)

God is still that loving father and no matter what you are going through at the moment, He is there with you and still wants to carry you on eagles’ wings. He will grant you strength in your time of weakness and not just carry you only, but also carry your necessary luggage (scooter).

If an earthly father cares so much, how much more our heavenly father? He does care and will never be too tired or weary to carry you when you choose to allow Him and rest in Him.

God is on your side!

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