Help me out!

I was in a very tricky situation; just arriving at Liverpool Street only to realise I didn’t chart my course properly neither did I have enough battery life to map my route nor to spend time on the phone with one of my helpful contacts to direct me.  So I did what the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart to do.

I called one of my special brothers who lives in London and knows a lot about the city. I didn’t have enough battery life to get a description, so I sent a WhatsApp message of my challenge and the postcode I was trying to get to. Within a few minutes, he called me back and said to give him 3 minutes – I was still within the time I needed to get to my destination, so that was cool and I was certain he would find and send me the appropriate route to get there before my phone battery finally ran out.

About 3 minutes later, I saw this God sent brother of mine walking towards me! No way!! What were the odds, I was stuck in the city of London and he worked in a building that is about 3 minutes away from where I was going. I was elated and just marvelled at God and His continued provision of help and assistance just at the time of need. He could have not been in the office on that day, but he was. He could have gone for his lunch break but he was around. He could have been in a meeting, but he wasnt. There were many alternatives to him being at work and to showing up to guide me just when I needed it.

As I saw him, I felt relief knowing that I could no longer be trapped nor stranded in London! For one, I now had access to a communication device that had battery life and second, he had a very high chance of knowing the location I was going to. He surely did and took me along to the place which was less than 5 minutes away, yet I didn’t know where to go! From my unknowing view, there were many routes and I wasn’t sure of the correct one, yet when the one that knew came, it was so straight forward and the location I was headed to was close by.

The help I received from this brother of mine was beyond what I really could have imagined and reminded me of how God goes above and beyond to help us daily. His word says

‘God is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in trouble’ Psalm 46:1

God is ever set to help us out if we call upon His help when we need Him. If we do not call for His help, we can be groping in darkness and suffering – not because God does not want to help, but because we did not ask for His help.

I am pleased to inform you that I was led to the address I needed to get to and also was helped back to the station after my meeting. I couldn’t have asked for more. A call for help once led to complete help that brought total peace.

My word of encouragement for you is that you should rest assured that God is ready to help you – as long as you’re ready to call on Him.

God is on your side! 

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