How Committed Are You?


This week, my family visited a gentleman we’ve known for over 23 years. He was a farm owner and had such huge dreams of where he wanted to see his farm as well as his family. It was a great opportunity to take our children to see the farm that we have told them about numerous times, a place where our now 24 years own young man spent his first year.

Arriving at the farm and seeing the farm owner was such a great opportunity to teach our children about dreams, vision and commitment. There were so many things to learn from this trip, both from the farmer as well as Pastor Eddie’s perspective. I however want to share with you two of the lessons I learnt from the farm owner and the realisation of his dream.

The farm owner had some dreams I was quite aware of, one of which was sending his daughter to university in the United Kingdom. The farm owner was not educated, but he had a dream to send his daughter to the best he could. He did it! His plan all that time ago was something he shared with anyone that cared to listen. He would usually say with pride: ‘I will send my daughter to university in London.’ A few years later, he did and became the first to do anything like that in the village. He said it so much, planned for it and executed his plan.

The second dream the farm owner shared consistently was his plan to build a bigger barn and fully automate his farm. When we visited this week, he had already achieved this dream as well. His dreams were not mere words but words backed up with extremely hard work. His hard work was rewarded by the reality of his result today.

Vision backed with hard work always produces results, but we should not just describe what we want to see without committing to working hard to bring the dream to reality. Every dream needs commitment and hard work to make it a reality.

God’s word says;

The plan of the diligent leads surely to abundance Proverbs 21:5a

If you are a diligent person, you will have a plan and that should push you to taking action, enough to bring the plan to reality which will inadvertently lead to abundance and success for you.

As I looked at our farm owner of 24 years, we realised that he did not even need to go into his farm on the day we saw him. He was driving around his village visiting people as opposed to being on the farm at the milking time as he had to do in the past. He had worked hard enough to free himself from the hard labour that his previous situation demanded. I realised that dreams and visions have no respect for education or otherwise, it just responds to good plans, hard work and diligence and as you might have guessed, we used the opportunity to teach the same to our children again.

Got a dream? Stay committed to it and be diligent enough to see the reality of your dream.

God is on your side!


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Hello PB,
Good to see you have been having a great hols with the family. Great lesson from your write up on the need to visionize, clarify, and work it out. Reminds me of Dr Myles Munroe’s teachings i have been going through and sharing with others.
My son Tobi will be travelling to the UK tomorrow evening for a 10 week internship with Goldman Sach’s International in London. He finished from UI about 6 weeks ago. He read computer Science.
GSI already secured accommodation for him in London already.
I will send you his contact once he settles in a couple of days.
Regards to Pastor Eddie and the family,

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