I Am A Gift


‘I am a gift from heaven to my mum and dad’. Those were the words of my friends’ little pre-schooler to someone who was asking him who he was and where he was from. I sat with my friend to lunch earlier this week, and she was telling me of her sons’ development. This was a long waited for young boy – a true gift from God. Today I will like to share what I learnt from the story of my friend and this little boy with you.

I got to know this friend of mine over ten years ago. She was my colleague and we got close, particularly because, alongside her career, she was also a pastor’s wife like myself.  My friend and her husband were then believing God for a child. They were faithful servants of God, loving believers who gave their all to people and God; yet they had this pressing need.

All through the time we worked together, we also prayed together for the visitation of God on this family in the area of the fruit of the womb. Alongside prayers were all the medical check-ups and there were so many negative reports that will make it so difficult to expect a baby with the natural mind. My friend had several health challenges and it looked like those things would need to be sorted before any baby could be brought into the picture.

At some point my friend and her husband felt strongly that they should go for an IVF. It was a very expensive as well as painful process, but she endured and went through it. They indeed conceived afterwards but unfortunately, they lost the pregnancy within the first few weeks. Though her faith was shaken but she stood strong. That was one of the most painful experiences my friend had during her waiting period.

A few months after losing the pregnancy, she just conceived miraculously without any further medical intervention and gave birth to a baby boy. It was a very unexpected miracle, as my friend had almost given up waiting for a baby at this point. She had now gone to register for courses and trainings that she had always wanted to do which she had been holding off due to her plans for a baby. My friend went through pregnancy without any unpleasant incident and gave birth to this lovely boy.

Once more, our God has shown that He is ever so faithful. When He promises, He will bring His word to pass in our lives; if only we can wait for Him.

God’s word says 

‘Know therefore that the Lord your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations.’ Deuteronomy 7:9

God through His faithfulness keeps every single promise He gives, He especially looks out for those who love Him and those who keep His commandments. 

I will like to implore you to love God, stand on His word and He will continue to show Himself strong on your behalf, making available to you all that you ask of Him.

As my friend and I finished our lunch date, and I reflected more on what she has been through alongside her husband, what she did, how after receiving him, she started teaching her son the ways of the Lord without holding back, I once more congratulated my friend and we both concluded that if we remain faithful, we will experience His faithfulness; because He will never fail us.

Please always remember this, God will never fail you and He is on your side! 

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