I was at spin this morning when the instructor played a song to finish up the class. She then commented saying, ‘it’s a song from when I was younger’ and that got a lot of students in the class excited, talking about the song and changes in times. Some started lamenting about the times when there were no mobile phones, so their parents couldn’t get hold of them whenever they went out for long hours. This then led to the most interesting comment of the morning which I found so funny and learnt a lesson from.

The lady said, ‘my son has a mobile phone and I still cannot get hold of him.’ At that point, several mums changed the direction of their conversation and started talking about their own challenge with their children. They all started lamenting and moaning about their children not picking their calls nor responding to their texts or WhatsApp messages. That was when the first mum said; ‘but not a problem at all – I’ve cracked it!’ Everyone then kept quiet and looked ready to hear the solution to their non-reachable teenagers…to which she said the most amazing thing ‘I am now on Snapchat!’

I burst out into laughter; for two reasons. First, the other mums were looking puzzled, they didn’t know snapchat and secondly, I felt I needed to warn the new snapchatting mum about a potential problem in the making. I looked at the snapchat lady and said; ‘I am sure your son will make plans to jump off snapchat now that you are on it chasing him!’. The lady then went into the details of how she has had to learn how to use this amazing app to reach her son. I looked at her again and said – ‘Well done you! Anything to reach the one you want to reach!’

The mum’s dilemma and the radical solution she came up with got me thinking of Paul and how hard he worked to be able to reach people for Christ. He went where the people he needed to reach were and did all he could to ensure he reached them.

See what the bible says concerning Paul

‘To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak. I have become all these things to all, so that by all means I might save some.’ 1 Corinthians 9:22

Paul went all the way to reach all he had to reach. As I was joking with the mum about the potential of the son hopping off snapchat because mom is now on and would be able to reach him – I realised that mom was so determined that she would learn whatever else was out there to be able to converse with / reach her son. What a mum!

Well, it wasn’t only Paul that wanted to reach the unsaved, but God equally jumps through so many hoops and barriers, going from one technology application to the other – trying to reach and continually connect with us. I will implore you to make time to listen to Him, on whichever application He is on; because truly our God is on your side!



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Thanks once again PB for such an impactful message from an everyday experience Appreciate it! I always look forward to your post! ??

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