One of the advertisements that I find fascinating is the new McDonald’s campaign.

It starts with a popular song, Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison. The song is used to advertise McDonald’s reopening after the pandemic, with different people’s reaction to their return and the opportunity to experience the meals again.

The campaign started with a child looking out with expectation and an older gentleman joyfully shaking his feet in anticipation of the news of the opening. After that scene, more and more people started showing their joyous reactions to the same opening. Finally it shows a lovely lady who had her Big Mac meal to hand and just before she took her first bite, said ‘I am so happy!’

The reactions made me look into the subject of happiness again and looking at the reaction of various people to the reappearance of a £5 meal, showing how excited and happy they were; albeit to an advertisement, but a reflection of reality in some; was a huge lesson in the fact that happiness doesn’t need to be costly.

Are you happy? I know that many believers love to focus on joy – one of the fruits of the spirit, and act as if happiness is overrated or unnecessary for a believer. I however will like to submit to you that God wants you and I to have a happy or cheerful heart.

The word of the Lord says;

A cheerful heart does good like medicine but a broken spirit makes one sick. Proverbs 17:22 TLB

Being happy is a profitable emotion and we need to set apart time to find out what makes us happy. Your happiness helps your health, so give attention to it.

I am not saying that you should go look for the next McDonald’s restaurant! I just wanted to share with you that your happiness is important to God and equally beneficial to you. Every so often in my house, we ask ourselves this question… ‘what’s your happy?’ And for most times, it may be the same thing, but at other times, they change. No matter what happens though, always ‘find your happy!’


PS: The MacDonald advert is

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Very lovely message PB. A cheerful heart does good like medicine. It is a great skill to always find your happy!! God help us all.

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