I Don’t Understand

I had a fiftieth birthday party thrown for me last weekend and it was such a beautiful party with so many happy people in the Hall. It was such fun and towards the end of this great event was dancing time.

We started out dancing and one of my secondary school mates decided to do something myself nor team were familiar with. She decided to stamp some money on my forehead. I was in shock but kept dancing. Just to lighten the moment, I looked to one of my sons and jokingly said- ‘you should have been giving me money that way.’ Then he said, ‘sure mum!’- the next thing I noticed, he dipped his fingers into the lady’s open bag, about to take out some notes to put on my forehead as well.  I was surprised and reprimanded him by shouting..’What are you doing? How could you dip your fingers into another persons purse…’ to which he said; ‘oh, I don’t understand… I thought you told me to. Sorry!!’ 

The young man just didn’t understand the African/ Nigerian culture of spraying money, he probably thought I put the money in the woman’s purse where anyone can just take it and stamp it on my forehead. I apologised to the lady and we all laughed it off. It then made me realise that there was a lot of assumption of understandings.

As I thought and laughed about this situation, I reflected on the lesson I drew from this incident, it is possible to see someone who has been born into a Christian home, hang around Christians to not even understand the details of Christianity and how it works if we don’t take time to teach and explain things to them. It is even possible to have spent decades in faith and still not get all that Christianity stands for.

Gods word makes us understand that we should be continuous students learning all it takes to be an effective believer enjoying all  the benefits of Christianity. We are translated from one kingdom to the other, so need to continuously learn the rules of this new one and live by them. Gods word says;

‘For once you were full of darkness, but now you have light from the Lord. So live as people of light!’ Ephesians 5:8 

The best in Christ will be revealed in us if we choose to live according to the rules of the kingdom we are in now. Not making any assumptions, but living as children of light. Just as the word of God requested.  We therefore need to understand Gods mind, rules and ways.

You’re now in a place that has its own set of rules and culture, find out what they are and live by them. Don’t just tag along, choose to understand as you hear the rules (in the bible and sermons),  know the rules (familiarise yourself with Gods word on your situation) and live the rules..then you’ll enjoy the blessings of this new kingdom. 

God is on your side! 


PS: I’ll love to say a huge THANK YOU to you all for all the 50th birthday greetings, prayers and gifts sent to me as we celebrated my jubilee year together. Thank you! 


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