Earlier on this week, I had to take my dad to the hospital. The hospital had inadequate parking spaces and I couldn’t find one. I had to call one of my daughters who worked at the hospital to find out my options. She then said I should drop my father at the entrance, go to the parking bays, stay in the car and wait for someone to drive out so I can take their space. I did exactly that and while waiting in the car, I got a call from a church member that needed prayers over an issue.

Just as I finished with this lady, I looked up and realised that a car had driven out of a bay behind me and another just drove in; I missed the space behind me because I was distracted doing something that I consider important. I was upset with myself for missing that space – I felt cheated as well. After blaming myself, I had the option of moving elsewhere or staying there. I felt very strongly that I should stay on; so, I did.

Few minutes later. A lady came by who was a staff of the hospital and probably just finished her shift and was going home. I was thrilled and got into the space after the lady pulled out. After parking, I went off to the car park pay point and realised that I didn’t have enough coins for the time I needed. I needed 20p more and went looking for loose change. As I moved forward, I saw a lady and asked her. She said she understood my challenge and that happens to her. As she was about to give me the 20p, she said, ‘I actually bought a ticket for much more hours than I require, I am happy to give that to you as I drive off.’ Right or wrong, we started walking to her car and realised…unbelievably; her car was packed next to mine! 

What are the odds? I lost a space and got another next to the lady that didn’t just plan to help me with the balance of the car park fees, but actually put me in a position where I did not have to pay anything at all to park my car! Hmmm…. Was I angry a few minutes ago because I lost a space? Well; I am now very thankful that I lost a space!

Just like me and my car parking situation, many of us tend to get upset about what we lose whereas there are better things that God has planned and prepared for us that we will never experience if we held on to the old or if we get too absorbed with the mistake of the past rather than listening to what God wants us to do next.

As I think of this situation, I remember the scripture that says

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

The key thing is never to forget that God has a plan for you and that plan is to help you. Understanding that, irrespective of what your current situation is, will give you a chance to experience God as He gives you the better/best option for you.

God is on your side!



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Interesting. The Psalmist said “As for God, His way is perfect.” The perfection is not always evident from the outset. He indeed makes all things beautiful in His time. Would have loved to enroll in that course but presently auditing a Google sponsored Mobile Web Specialist course. Super busy presently

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