It has been quite cold in UK these last few days and winter setting in creates its’ own challenges; one of which is having ice covered cars which means a delay in driving off to the desired destination. An occurrence on Sunday relating to ice on the car taught me an interesting lesson and I cannot but share it with you today.

As a couple, we set out to go to church at the normal time we usually do, not knowing that there was ice on the car. That meant coming out to the surprise and delay of attempting to get the ice off the windscreens. We were going to travel in Pastor Eddie’s car, and for whatever reason, he did not have an ice-scraper in his car! As we were contemplating how to deal with the ice on the car, it felt like a better option to dash back in to get my car keys so I could bring out my ice-scrapper. Well, I did, and on getting through the door, my daughter asked me what I needed; as she was coming for the later service. I told her and she said – well I’ve got a better solution!

She dashed into the kitchen and brought out a liquid bottle – ‘here mum; use this de-icer; it will save you time and energy’. I collected this bottle and dashed back to the car; applied the de-icer and voila! The ice melted in seconds and off we went on our journey, saving us time and energy! As we started the journey, Eddie and I were amazed at the fact that we had the solution at home all along without knowing we had it. We have also been driving decades before the young lady that provided us the solution; hmmm; sometimes age doesn’t always give advantage! (another story and lesson for another day!)

On our journey to church, I remembered another icy day when I came out, started doing my ice scraping joyfully; only to have my neighbour step out, spray something on his screen and again within seconds; he’d hopped into his car and left. I remember thinking; hmm, that’s not nice; he didn’t even offer me whatever he used! Unfortunately, I didn’t pay enough attention to go back and check what the solution was. Also, I had it in my house all along and was almost envying another person!!

There are times in life that God has already put the solution within our reach, but us not noticing or asking questions may make us lose out on great promises and miracles around us. When God was going to use Moses, He used something Moses already had on him to do wonders through Moses.

‘Then the LORD said to him, “What is that in your hand?” “A staff,” he replied.’ Exodus 4:2

The question goes to you too today; what have you got and I wonder if God can use it to provide a great solution for you and to many

God is on your side!


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This is really interesting! May God help us all to be focus and realise our gift, talent and potential. This is food for my thoughts in the year 2020. Thanks for sharing PB. You are inspirational!

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