If In Doubt…ASK!

I walked into my local Morrisons (superstores) and went to the cooked meals section; ready to pick roast chicken for the family.  There was a queue and that was fine because it gave me a chance to look around at the options. After looking at the range available based on what I presumed they will taste like, I picked one.  When It was my turn, I pointed to the section, stating that I wanted a pack of 5. Just before she served me, I asked the lady serving what I presumed was a good question but that didn’t turn out as I expected.

My pick was the Stout Chicken. I asked the lady what ‘stout chicken’ was spiced with; she looked me straight in the face and said ‘stout’; ok… I looked about and realised that there were quite a number of people behind me listening to the comment, so in not wanting to look silly by saying I did not know what she meant, I said; ‘oh ok. That’s fine, can I have 5 pieces please!’ I collected my pieces of chicken and off I went. Got home, fed the family with it and all was ok. That then became my pattern for a few more visits until I experienced something different last week.

Last week, again I went for the chicken stand and the serving lady this time said, would you like the Chinese spiced chicken or stout; I said stout. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, do you know these are soaked in Guinness? I was alarmed, stopped my telephone conversation and asked her again what she said; she repeated herself and I quickly declined the ‘Guinness spiced chicken’ because I do not drink nor did I plan to buy an alcohol spiced chicken…however…I’ve bought that more than 2ce in the past because I never asked the question.

I got home and told Eddie my experience to which he said, come to think of it; ‘Guinness is also referred to as Stout!!!’ How on earth did I not ask this question in the first instance? I assumed I knew and I did not want to seem silly for not knowing… so in not asking, I did what normally wouldn’t do. In fact I usually crack a joke with Eddie that I was brought up a Baptist before I got born again and we do not ‘touch, serve or sell alcohol!’ In not asking, I didn’t only touch the chicken, I even served my poor old father because the chicken was tender, and I was really buying them for him! I dare not tell him and only hope he won’t read this blog post (lol)

So, why on earth did I not ask questions when I did not know the answer? I did not want to look silly. How many people do things similar to what I had been doing? Not asking could be costly and that’s the key lesson I want you to take away from this write up today. Learn to ask, even Jesus taught us to. Read the bible verse with me:

‘Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.’ Matthew 7:7

There is no harm in asking. Asking makes you more knowledgeable, makes you have more and makes you clearer on things. Some of the most interesting parts of Jesus’ conversations I always examine is when he can clearly see a problem in someone and still asks them what they want Him to do for them. 

If Jesus will not assume, then you and I surely shouldn’t!  Never be afraid to ask because God is on your side!

6 replies on “If In Doubt…ASK!”

Wao!! I have not only laughed but I have been blessed as always. I always look forward to reading your blog every week and indeed there is always a take home lesson from it. Thank you for always using the very insignificant things to teach life valuable lesson.

Pastor B,
Hahaha! I will say you did ask and got an answer but it was the lack of understanding the response. What prayer do we pray then?
I cannot stop laughing at this because several times I have wondered if stout chicken tasted bitter but now I know. Hahaha. Very funny.
Thanks Pastor B.

Wow!! Thank you as always for the encouragement. For me I don’t really question because I don’t want to look silly and many times I get myself in trouble so l have learned to asked questions. Once again thank you PB for making ???.

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