I enjoy reading captions and marketing slogans. One of such, which I truly love is that of Adidas that says ‘impossible is nothing’. I recently read the thought behind the caption and was even more fascinated with it.

In explaining the caption, the Adidas marketing team says the concept of impossible itself means nothing. There is no such thing as impossible. The explanation goes on to say ‘what is holding you back may just be your own invisible shackles because after all, ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist.’

Reading that brought a lot of previous stories of shattered limitations to my mind. Here is one of such;

One of our lovely pastors at Gateway Chapel shared her testimony of when the doctors told her that she would never be able to conceive. They also said, if she even conceives accidentally, she would never carry the baby to term. She left the doctors and their report to focus on her God who turns impossibility to nothing. The Lord visited her and she now has two children, both carried to term. The two of them are healthy, intelligent and loving the Lord today.

This is only one of many miracles and testimonies of the Lord I can recount- where He shatters the concept of impossibility. His word says

“For with God, NOTHING shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37 (read it in GNT here)

I thought to remind and encourage you with those words today just in case you are struggling with an impossible task, mountain or situation. Remember that our God who is bigger than any mountain can crush every mountain and give you your testimony.

God specialises in stepping into impossible looking situations and will solve them His own way, in His time. Hold on to God.

God is on your side!


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