Have you ever looked at a message only to realise that you are unsure of what it means? For various reasons, you can receive an incomplete message or even a completely different one. I have experienced this a few times in the past and this week I saw an advert that drove that message home once more.

Eddie and I were driving to work when we saw this beautiful mobile advertisement board. The last time we saw anything like this was in Las Vegas years ago. They were big mobile, electronic billboards with moving images. We saw them in different places and were a great and effective way to advertise. We had never seen that before and it was so remarkable that, it has been over 7 years and I still remembered vividly.

That was my experience with that billboard. We got back to the UK but there weren’t any of those around us in Kent. Time went on and the billboard was no longer a focus. Today, however we saw this mobile billboard which was a smaller version of what we saw in Las Vegas but with a similar concept. On seeing it, Eddie and I immediately remembered our previous experience and interest in this type of billboard and I was determined to take the details on the van transporting it.


On getting close to the van, we realised that the website details on the van had only some words on it while the others had faded out. I thought, never mind; I’ll take down the contact number only to realise that that was equally unclear. In frustration, I said to Eddie, what is the point of trying to pass across a message without fully ensuring the message was clear. Amazingly, I saw the next van which was a waste management truck. The interesting thing about this truck was, again the messaging on it was half faded. This was quite interesting because instead of reading Non-hazardous recycling; it read hazardous recycling (NON had faded)! The fading meant that it was a completely different message that was shown on the truck.

Messaging can be misunderstood by one word missing or replaced. God’s word however is complete and can sustain us. God’s message is never incorrect but the more you familiarise yourself with it, the more you will get it and enjoy it. See God’s word in Jeremiah here:

‘Your words are what sustain me; they are food to my hungry soul. They bring joy to my sorrowing heart and delight me. How proud I am to bear your name, O Lord.’ Jeremiah 15:14 TLB (The KJV is here)

What if I was familiar with the mobile billboard company? I would have been able to fill in the gaps with the knowledge I have even when it is invisible. Keep on familiarising yourself with the word of God as that is the key to understanding His mind. His message is complete, and we need to know it to experience joy instead of sorrow and delight instead of misery in every area of life.

Keep on studying the word of God as it will enrich your life.

God is on your side!


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