Earlier this week, Eddie and I were seated at dinner with a young man who was passionate about Jesus and as he told us his story, we got more and more fascinated with who he was and all he did. Along the line, he mentioned that his dad is an evangelist, to which Eddie responded by asking, ‘is he any good?’ To which the young man stated…’ I think he tries’

Eddie mentioned his desire to invite an evangelist to GWC as we just finished an evangelism course at church. He described our congregation and asked if the young man thought his dad could connect with us. Again, with humility, the young man said. ’I think he can.’

Eddie then promised to connect with the man. The plan is we can invite him to Gateway. The next day, while at a Christian training academy, the trainer acknowledged this young man. He then mentioned his dad who is a renowned and respected international evangelist. Eddie and I looked at each other in surprise…how did we miss that? We as a church just finished studying one of his books on evangelism and Eddie has been wanting to find a way of connecting with him to bring him to Gateway.


As we looked at the humorous side of the story, I thought of the scripture that taught us a lesson about Jesus. Read here..

He was in the world and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognise him.’John 1:10 (The TLB version is here)

It is possible to be acquainted with someone and still not know or recognise them. Jesus was around for 33 years and ministered for 3 years, yet His world did not know Him. That lack of knowledge led to so many mistakes and misconceptions that affected the ability of the people to receive all that Jesus had to offer them.

The more we know Him, the more we experience all He has to offer us. So, take time to know God more. How? Get more into His word, listen more to sermons and hang around Him and His saints more in His church.

God is on your side!



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