Getting into my running gear as normal and setting off this morning was as great as any other. I particularly enjoy the wind and cool breeze of the current season and I have gotten into the routine of running, listening to a sermon and or praying. That was exactly what I did again this morning; nothing was different about the route or the routine.

One thing however was different about this run and that was – as I got to around the 2km mark of my journey, I tripped and fell over. As some of you may have known, I have once fallen during a run in the past and as I normally say, I do not fall with dignity. On this occasion, I was on my face, laid flat on the ground with my wrist, knee and face taking the impact of the fall. I got up as quickly as I could, noticed that no one had spotted me (less embarrassment –  I think!) and dusted my clothes off, pressed a few muscles and pressure points to be sure nothing was broken and now had a decision to make. Should I keep going or should I turn around and go back home.

I gingerly proceeded and was of two minds, going back home was about another 2km and I planned to run at least a 7km distance for the day. Should I abandon the run or should I continue the run?! As I went ahead talking to myself about the pros and cons of both options, I realised that I was already at the point of decision making but I just found myself going forward on autopilot and continued the run. I eventually forgot the bruise of the fall and though slower in pace than normal, I finished with an 8km plus run. I was not only well impressed with myself, I also learnt a lesson I thought to write about today; and that is – ‘even when there seems to be legitimate reasons to quit and turn back; if you keep pushing on, you can and will achieve your dreams and go even beyond your wildest imagination’

God’s word that came to my spirit as I pressed on and thought about the lesson I learnt from this story/drama of mine was

‘Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate. For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life.’ James 1:12 Mssg

Meeting a testing challenge and sticking it out without turning back or giving up is commended by God and it is worthy of a reward before God. So I will like to encourage you to stand firm and continue to push forward in your quest for the desires and goals God has laid on your heart or even in the pursuit of the things you are trusting Him for this year.

I know my run is a small issue compared to the main issues of life, but it just gives us an analogy or an incident to pick a lesson from and I trust this lesson has ministered to you today.

It’s decision time and I will implore you to not give up or turn back despite the obstacles as your reward is ahead of you.

God is on your side!



4 replies on “IT IS DECISION TIME!”

Thanks PB, for this powerful inspiring words it so lifted my Spirit this moment, Serving God is all and will continue to do

Thanks a million ma, this really encourages me this morning, lots of decisions to take, am sock in he middle of should I or should I not. I can see the clearer picture now. Am grateful for this write up. Please take good care of yourself, so you don’t fall next time, for He will always give His angels charge over you. .

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