I know you have goals and plans you’ve made this year. I will however like to just give a little encouragement to say – whatever you do, follow through and do not stop short of your dreams and goals. Keep on moving forward because it is within your reach!

This advise became strong in my heart a couple of days ago. Eddie and I went for a walk and at some point we walked past an Italian restaurant. I saw this well dressed couple walk through the hotel entrance towards what should be the entrance to the Italian restaurant. Though they’ve walked through the gate, they didn’t seem to find the door to the restaurant. They walked about a bit and gave up. (How did I know that? I was watching them!)

In no time, the couple came out of the hotel compound and continued on the major road, looking for the second Italian restaurant on the street. They did walk ahead of us and got to the second Italian restaurant; however something strange happened because they looked through the window of the second restaurant and it looked like it was closed. The couple then just turned around and walked away. They went to look for and settled for another restaurant. I called Eddie’s attention to this couple, particularly because as we walked a few feet further up, we saw that the Italian restaurant was open and had a beautifully laid out restaurant with excellent ambience as well as what looked like freshly made Italian meals. What the couple were looking for was just within their reach, but they turned back before they got there.

They left their hotel deciding what they wanted to have for dinner, but ended up going for something else; a second best – because they did not persevere enough to get what they want. Well, it’s only dinner and not a big deal. My issue however is that many of us experience this in different areas of life, including important ones.

One of the scriptures that I tend to meditate a lot on to heed this warning is in Numbers 32. Gods word says that the Reubenites and Gadites came to Moses and begged to be allowed to stop short!

“If we have found favour in your eyes,” they said, “let this land be given to your servants as our possession. Do not make us cross the Jordan.” Numbers 32:5 

The above verse is one of the saddest in the bible, where a group of people promised something great begged to settle for less. They were granted their requests, but that was not what God had planned for them.

This new year, whatever your dreams are, go for them and do not settle for less; no matter what… keep on moving forward because your destination is within your reach.

God is on your side!


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