It’s For The Better


Earlier on this week I went down memory lane with regards to a happening in my life a little over a decade ago. The situation as I saw it that time was not pleasant and today, I can see how this situation led me into a greater and better place.

The situation I experienced made me have a very strong sense of unfairness. I felt very aggrieved, badly treated and even felt cheated. Not only did I feel hurt by the situation and the people involved, sadly, I felt like God could have done more – He could have watched my back I thought. Well, the result of what I thought, which was God not watching my back was what I considered to be a demotion! That was my summary of the situation but God knew He needed to move me into my place of abundance.

As I discussed the situation with my husband earlier this week, I realised that,  not only was I not feeling the pain anymore, I was also very grateful that the situation occurred, otherwise I would never have moved into what God had for me right after that or be where I am today where I have gained more, know more and achieved much more than I could have had I fought to stay at the point where I was then.

Rather than pain, I now have a strong sense of gratitude for the past and the following decisions that were made; which wouldn’t have been made if not for the original event, which I considered injustice then! I am so grateful that I went through the period of pain, but more importantly because it has taken me to a bigger and better place. Thinking of this issue reminded me of the scripture that says;

‘You let people ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance.’ Psalm 66:12

The above scripture made it very clear that God allows things to happen to us so that He can take us into a bigger and better place. We are quite quick to think the devil is the one doing some things, but maybe it is not the devil, but God trying to help us get into a better place in life.

Do not be quick to judge incidences in your life negatively; take time to find out what lessons you can take and what doors open from said challenging times. Never forget that God has your best interest at heart and His intention is to take you to a place of abundance – that may not happen unless you pass through some places on the way.

God is on your side!

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