We went to this restaurant where we have been receiving outstanding service before. Without exception, it’s been great, so why was this waitress touchy and unhelpful? The waitress in question was quite brash, impatient and dismissive. I was going to focus on the substandard service being delivered when the hubby and I concluded that “it’s not personal!”

The attitude of the waitress was obviously not great but we looked closely and noticed a few other things about her. She looked exhausted and had bags under her eyes. Not just that, she was clock watching and it was obvious she had so much more going on than being at work.

She was not planning to be rude, she was probably just going through a difficult time. As we spoke about this, I thought, let me take a little time to pray for this lady who’s going through something that I will never know nor understand because, behind the uniform is a life with connected lives, challenges and issues.

The experience with the waitress made me remember a lesson I once learnt as a younger lady where my mentor said, ‘no one starts out planning to offend or hurt another: but somehow life happens and reactions with more ramifications than we planned occurs.’

Always remember when people aren’t very nice to you on a given day that it is not always personal. Irrespective of how things look or feel at that moment. It will be more helpful and Christlike to look at matters from the perspective of others.


Jesus said

“Do not judge others, so you will not be judged. Do not condemn and you will not be condemned. Forgive others and you will be forgiven” Luke 6:37. (NLT version here)

Do not be quick to judge others because things are not always just as you see it. If anything, think about how you can help that person go through the difficult phase they are in. Do not get offended at them, if you can’t help them, pray for them.

God is on your side!

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