It’s Not Worth It!

Monday saw an interesting video go viral on social media which eventually made it to the TV. It was the video of a builder who was upset for not being paid his wages of £600 for the work he had done on a Travel Lodge building in Liverpool. The anger of this gentleman led him to get into a digger and ram the digger through the front lobby of the hotel.

I am sure the man wasn’t the only one in the situation of being unpaid as at this point. It was eventually mentioned that this man wasn’t paid on Friday by the construction company due to a banking glitch and that the money was paid into his account on Monday – but he hadn’t checked as at the point of driving the digger into the building! Whether that’s correct or not is not the point of this writing; but his reaction to his situation.

As I reflected on this incident, I remembered a similar one my old hairdresser mentioned to me. She is quite quick tempered and said she once fixed a lady’s hair and after finishing, the lady started arguing about the fees. According to my old hairdresser, she told the lady to sit down for an adjustment and put a scissors into the hair; nipping a huge chunk of the lady’s hair/wig! I remember looking at her in shock and asking her the question that bothered me then and still bothers me now- Was it worth it?

The damage done by both the tradesman and my old hairdresser just seems so over the top and has such wider consequence than their immediate satisfaction of being able to carry out an act of revenge. Their temper however was so engaged that they didn’t think beyond that moment when carrying out their actions. Right or wrong, the action of the tradesman does not seem proportionate to £600 worth of wages and future consequences of loss of income seems to me to be a more expensive price to pay than getting the satisfaction of destroying something to get back at the person owing you.

One of God’s words on anger and temper comes to mind

‘Control your temper, for anger labels you a fool’ Ecclestiastes 7:9

Anger and quick temper are things that can be controlled and we need to be careful of them because they can label you and have long lasting, wider consequences that you definitely didn’t consider at the point of action.

I do not think I will be quick to hire that gentleman if I was looking for a tradesman in future, as I cannot be certain what a misunderstanding can cause him to do. It is never worth it to allow your flesh lead you. Take charge of yourself so that you can take delivery of the great future ahead of you. Never allow the satisfaction of the moment rub you of your future rewards.

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