One of my daily lockdown activities is an early morning run and this week was no different but for a few unexpected incidences.

Earlier on this week, I got up rather late and that coupled with the fact that we’ve had the hottest day of the year so far meant that it was close to an unbearable running condition for me.

As I pushed forward through the uncomfortable journey, I started my self talk along the lines of, I don’t need to do a 6km run today as it’s a self appointed target. I would do well enough if I settled for 4.5km or max 5km run. As I got close enough to my home to act on that decision, I saw a postman. After exchanging pleasantries he passed a side comment about how hot and unbearable it was to be walking in this weather; let alone run. As he said that, I agreed with him and he then said ; ‘but we’ve got to keep going to get better!’ I agreed with his statement, as part of being polite; but his statement was enough to encourage me into pushing myself to go all the way with my original 6k goal.

Just one statement, said innocently by this gentleman made a difference in my subsequent actions and result. I received encouragement from this side comment and surpassed my limitations – both the physical and mental ones. If only he knew what value I got from his one statement.

The impact of this one statement on me got me thinking about the way we can also help others with our words. Just one statement can give someone hope, joy, peace, encouragement, life and so many other positive things. We however must care enough to see others and make the statement to help someone else.

God’s word says;

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. Ephesians 4:29

Your word can build someone up today, so share an encouraging statement that will give grace and help to those who hear it from you today.

God is on your side!

5 replies on “JUST ONE STATEMENT!”

Good afternoon BP Hope you and Family are keeping well. I’m so blessed and lifted up with this words of encouragement, We really all need each other.

Thank you ma for reminding us of God’s grace for strength and the ability through the grace to continue to keep going and get better.
Always a blessing to read your words of encouragement that always give me renewed energy in Christ. Praise the Lord.
Welldone ma’am.

Thanks for this writeup. The Bible admonished us to let our utterances be season with grace to build and not to destroy. See the encouragement that stament gave you to accomplish the plan set ahead of you.May the Lord continue to guide our steps and opportunity to meet the right people in time of our needs. Shalom.

Many of us dont remember what the effect of our spoken words can have on the lives of others..Words when spoken and heard are like a broken egg when it hits the floor it can not be put back together again…i belive we need to guard our mouth should be more of edification rather than been used carelessly because u dont know who is listening..
looking back in my relationship…it did damage me a lot..but God is a healer…I praise him.
As always sister Bola…you have been specially crafted by God into this world to make it a better place for some of us that have been opportuned to meet has been a privilege for me..Many thanks for your words of wisdom..I appreciate you ma.

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