Lessons From His Journey

Lessons From His Journey

About 10 years ago, our son Asher started his journey towards his desired goal of becoming a corporate solicitor. He didn’t have any doubt of what he wanted to be; that goal was achieved this week when he resumed his new role. This write up is not about the role but the journey and some lessons learnt which I think will be a blessing to you.

Practising Law in the UK requires a specialised post graduate education called – LPC (Legal Practise Course). Getting sponsored for the LPC is the ideal route to get into the top firms in U.K. The hurdle to cross however was that the law firms sponsors only a handful of intakes yearly and extremely sound graduates of Law from all over the country want the same sponsorships. Each interview takes about 7 stages!  Asher had over 5 rejections at different levels while trying to achieve this sponsorship. For a guy who hadn’t experienced rejection in his life prior to that time, it was tough; he however kept going and wouldn’t stop applying for the training contract sponsorships. At some point, his dad wanted to talk him into going for something else as he was genuinely good enough to go into any other field; he however dug his foot in and said he wasn’t going to quit because of rejection. We applied all the spiritual ammunition we knew how to: midnight prayers, praise nights, anointing oil, and many more.

I remember clearly when he got the last rejection. It was so unexpected and shocking. Asher was certain he was going to get the sponsorship with this firm. On the day he got the phone call, I was busy counselling a young lady who was going through personal crisis. I excused myself, picked the call, expecting good news, only for my son to say ‘mum, I didn’t get this one again! I don’t even know what I am doing wrong anymore!’ My heart broke. I felt like crying, but I braced up and as his dad and I always say; ‘not to worry Asher, we push forward, you’ll get the next one’. I dropped the phone and looked up. I remember saying ‘Lord, help my son, see how my heart is faithful in helping your children’. I went back in to continue my counselling without letting on what was going on in my own family. All went well with the other lady.

Right after that, Asher got the next one. He genuinely thought he didn’t perform well at the final stage of the interview, but our God came through for him! What was quite interesting after that was, Asher took a year out before starting Law school to work with a Charity that helped black and ethnic minorities get Law sponsorships in top firms. During that year, he was able to help over 100 Law graduates get such sponsorships in top firms.

The number of people he helped into the role was a direct function of all he had learnt from his failures and that made it easy for him to coach them till they then got the sponsorships. It was now obvious why God allowed him go through so many failures. He needed to be a blessing to many people coming along the way.

The lesson learnt from Asher’s continued failure before success was for the sake of many others that would need what he learnt along the way. See the scripture below as Joseph summarised his lessons learnt through his own journey: 

‘……..but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive’ Genesis 50:20

God always meant it for good. Your story will end up being a blessing to someone if only you persevere long enough to follow through despite the closed doors and the failures. There are many people who will be blessed by your story and the lessons you’ve learnt. So keep on holding on to God because He is ever so faithful and will come through for you.

God is on your side!


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Thank you PB for this. Seeing the determination in your young man builds a patrents confidence that their child will one day achieve what they set out in life to do. I urge all parents to not give up but to continue to see the determination in our young ones and continue to encourage them with kind and patient understanding. pB your blog has blessed me indeed.

Congratulations again. What an inspiring testimony, this boosted my faith in one stubborn area I’m looking to God on.

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