I failed! I could not even process the information…. I was numb! The day of this event was a very memorable one for me. 

I was informed that I had failed my first year in university and been advised to withdraw. This day was a day like no other. I had never failed any exam prior to this time (nor after) in my life. Apart from the shock, I had to face my parents and inform them of this life changing situation. I was my parents pride and joy – so I couldn’t have had more devastating news to share with them.

Failing meant a lot of things; I had to quit the uni I was in, change towns/location, attempt to get into another uni and course, and so many other inconveniences. The most unbearable one was the huge sense of sadness and grief in my home. As at that time, it looked as if this failure was the end of the world for me and it knocked my confidence badly. 

Failure however opened so many other doors and opportunities for me, the hidden blessings in the closed door and that is my focus today. If I did not fail, I would never have had to change my uni and my course. Changing my course led to me stumbling across Accounting; a course I thoroughly enjoyed and excelled in. It also led me to a new uni and town where I met Eddie, my husband. 

Eddie and I come from two different parts of my country and would never have met if not that I failed. The closed door in my education opened many other great doors for me, particularly with regards to my spiritual development and then in my relationship which then led to a marriage that God blesses me with. 

Thinking through this situation today reminded me of the scripture that says 

“But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day…..” Genesis 50:20

There are things we go through in life and think are evil, but when we go through them and give time to the situation, we discover that God has greater and better things in store for us, leading us from despair and disappointment to celebration. 

The situation of my memorable day came to heart today because it is Eddie’s birthday today and I am truly grateful to God for this great man of God who has affected my life positively in so many ways. I am so grateful to God for making our paths cross in the most unusual way ever and that surely will never have happened if I didn’t fail.

Today, I am so glad I failed and want to use my story to encourage you. Irrespective of what things look like for you at the moment, trust God who has the full picture of your life and will make things fall in place just at the right time.

God is on your side 



Such an inspiring story! Thank you very much sister for all your wonderful stories.

And happy birthday to your dear husband, wishing him many more wonderful years ahead.

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