This week marks the 8th year since my mum departed into glory and I genuinely cannot believe it has been that long. There are however so many fond memories and reasons to think about her and laugh rather than cry. As I talked with my siblings about her on the anniversary of her departure, we shared stories and could not stop laughing at her unique actions and lessons learnt from them. I thought to share one of those stories with you.

My mother once came visiting Eddie and I, and during the period, we hosted a few people to a get together at ours. Prior to the arrival of those guests, we bought some food and drink items. My mother decided in her wisdom to put some of the drinks away so we do not run out incase we have late guests. I am not quite 100 % sure why she did this, but she did! (that was without our knowledge by the way!)

On the said day, we had more than enough to give guests. A few days after the party, we needed drinks and I thought to go buy some. My mum then said; ‘don’t worry, I will go get you some.’  Rather than go out through the front door, she went straight into her bedroom and brought some drinks. I was surprised and asked where that came from; for which she said – ‘well, I had to keep some for you against days like this. You should always keep something for the days you unexpectedly run out’. The event reminded me of us growing up and how I used to find interesting groceries in different places all over our house, because mum had kept and forgotten them! I just laughed and left it at that.

After she went back to our home country and her home, I kept finding groceries in the oddest places! I called mum and said ‘guess what I found in the shoe cabinet today? A pack of orange juice! Why would you put juice in the shoe cabinet?’ my good old mum then said… ‘well, I put them there to help you!

She meant so well, but she forgot where she puts things to ‘help’ me! It is interesting that even though she wanted to help, she forgot and that created more work. My mum meant well but cannot always help properly because she could not always remember nor plan against all unexpected things; but my God is different.

His word says

‘For I hold you by your right hand— I, the LORD your God. And I say to you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.’  Isaiah 41:13

We have a God who genuinely desires to help and does so without forgetting along the way.

I am grateful for my lovely mother and much more grateful for my father God and your father too (if you are a believer). He loves and remembers us always and will always hold your right hand and help you through tough times, so you do not get stuck. He is a true helper; so, embrace Him to help you.

God is on your side!

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I like this one. Reminds me of my mother. May thier souls rest in peace. As for that scripture it is mind blowing. Thank you Lord for holding my hand and assuring me that you are here with me.

Thank you for this pastor It made my laugh.

I too can’t believe its 8 years already.
Reading what your mum did is what I used to do. Or should I say I now do less ?

Then something I forgot about it and it woukd go off depending what it was. But yesterday I put on trouser that I hadn’t worn for a while and found £40 in my pocket ?
With all that said I’m so grateful that I have a genuine caring Father who is always there to hold my hand. Thank you Lord Jesus ?

What lovely memories and awesome lessons your mum must have shared in her lifetime. Truly blessed. Thank you for sharing this.

Ps. A photo of you and your mum or just your mum would have been better than random White strangers – :-).

Wow!! Funny story. May her soul continue to rest in peace. ??.
And thank you for word so powerful and Thank You Lord for the reminder that You always be there for us.
Be Blessed PB

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