A few months ago, we had a young lady come to work with us in the office as an intern. As it was my practise, I had my music on and was singing along ever so noisily as I worked. I noticed she had a smile on her face and I thought it was only fair for me to ask her if she was ok with me singing so loudly along. Her response surprised me and also pointed my attention to the lesson today.

She said, ‘oh please don’t stop, definitely sing all you like. In actual fact, I love that artist as he sounds so cute when he sings because of his lisp.’ Ok! What lisp I said, I had never heard any lisp and I play the song almost daily! She said, she has the gentleman’s music playing in her car and he surely has a lisp. I let the discussion go, but felt as if she was making it up, as I tried to listen for and didn’t hear any lisp afterwards.

Following on from that experience was the visit of another lady a couple of weeks later, who came to see me in the office and said exactly the same thing. At this point, I had to ask her to identify exactly where the lisp was in the gentleman’s song (s). She played the same song I had on from her phone and I heard it loud and clear. He surely had a lisp and the lady in question mentioned the fact that she loved to listen to his songs much more so because of that as he sounds genuine and not doctored.

Now, a lisp is considered a form of speech defect and I can imagine how much stress the parents and this artist himself would have gone through when he was younger. The thought of managing what is considered a possible speech defect alongside a gift of singing seems hard. Supposing he chose not to embrace his gift and calling to sing publicly because he thinks he has a defect and would not be able to pronounce some words properly? He would have not reached millions of people around the world with his amazing songs and ministry which is global and I am certain gets sung in numerous churches globally every sunday.

Many of us will shy away from using a gift when we think it will put emphasis or focus on areas where we think we are weak or not good enough. It’s amazing to note that God uses the things we think are inadequate to show forth His glory. God’s word says;

‘God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong’ 1 Corth 1:27

Never allow your limitations become a barrier for you expressing all that God has put inside of you. God who made you knows who you are and your capacity and He can use anything as long as we present it to Him, allowing Him to take total control and glory. He will use you and the weakness for His own good; so allow Him.

Btw: lets have a little quiz…which artist do you think I am referring to? Have you heard the lisp yourself? Send me your thought/guess.

God is on your side!


3 replies on “LET GOD USE IT!”

Pastor B, good afternoon ma.

I really needed this message for confident boasting in a particular area of my current endeavour, am sure I will explain better when I see you.

For the artist, where should I start from ma? Lots of them, I will humbly pass ma.

Thank you PB, we focus too too much on our limitations. I pray for the right focus in Jesus name, Amen.

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